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Four days left to fund Pwnee Studios' Cloudberry Kingdom: the next level in procedurally generated platform gaming

Posted by ifss on May 22nd, 2012

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer: whilst Cloudberry Kingdom may indeed be the world's hardest platformer (Pwnee are even offering $1000 to the first player to beat the game on its hardest difficulty), the AI that creates the game's levels is capable of adapting to any skill level - from outright beginner:


... to platforming god:


When I first started playing the beta, I didn't know that all of the levels were generated on-the-fly - but I kept thinking about how cleverly they were designed.

The level design reminded me of the Super Skills hint videos from New Super Mario Bros Wii, where some of the levels can be completed at break-neck speeds with perfect timing.

Check out this trailer to see what I am getting at:

After three years in development, the game is nearing completion, but it has drained the developer's cash supplies.

So, Pwnee have turned to Kickstarter to fund the final stages of art and animation. The total presently stands at $15,000 of the project's $20,000 goal, with four days remaining. If the project gets over-funded, then they'll use the funds to add a lot more material to the game.

Pledges $15 and over will be rewarded with either a Windows (Steam) or Wii U version of the game when it is released, as well as access to the beta that is currently available and playable via Steam.

They are also planning a Linux port after the other versions have been released, as well as possible availability on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

For more info, or to make a pledge, see Cloudberry Kingdom's Kickstarter page (their video is especially worth a watch). To quote from there:

"Help us make the most replayable game in the history of replayability."

aljesco May 22 2012, 3:06pm said:

Didn't see any words about Linux there. Who said about Linux port?

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ifss May 22 2012, 3:14pm replied:

I asked them directly on Kickstarter if they were planning a Linux version, their reply was:

"We sure are! That one may come out slightly later than the rest though. We still have to port that one over."

Do note that the rewards are only for the Windows and Wii U versions though.

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HumbleLinux May 22 2012, 4:37pm said:

didn't see any bundle here. who said about bundeals? where is the Linux version?

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ifss May 22 2012, 4:57pm replied:

Bundeals covers bundles, sales/deals, and crowdfunding (we even have a crowdfunding forum: - anything any of us feels is a bargain. And this is, imho.

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hero1900 May 22 2012, 4:45pm said:

there is no linux and may not be there also i can support this without commitment to it.

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s_d May 24 2012, 5:24pm said:

About 50 hours left here, and needs like $3K... looks grim!!

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ifss May 24 2012, 7:25pm replied:

Fingers crossed, though :)

Pwnee should be out shouting about it a bit more imho. I've become addicted to this game, it really is one of the best platformers I've played.

When you clear a difficult (or even semi-difficult) level by discovering and following it's rhythm (best way I can describe it), you feel elated, and start believing that you've mastered the game. Until the next level...

It really deserves some more publicity.

* edit - apparently TotalBiscuit has just tweeted about it, so pledges have just shot up.

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ifss May 24 2012, 7:28pm said:

lol, people have started posting visual mods:

Also: "We're working on a modding package to help our artists experiment with new designs. Once it's touched up a bit we'll be releasing it. That should make it very easy to drop in new art, change bounding boxes and so on. We're looking into including a scripting language too, but that's a bit further off in the distance."

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KameZero May 25 2012, 11:26am said:

From the Devs:

"There is indeed Linux support planned. I guess we never updated that part.... hmm

Anyway, yes. We do plan on having Linux support when we release, we just don't have it currently running for the beta :)"

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ifss May 25 2012, 11:46am said:

Get in - it was just fully funded!

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g0ren Jul 18 2012, 10:44pm said:

So, as they crowdfunded the development, I assume the game will be free (gathering money from the community to fund something you are going to sell to that very community is unrealistically dickish approach). Are they also going to release the sources? I would surely like to look at those. The whole approach of procedurally generated levels and AI playability testing might prove interesting from algorithmic point of view.

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