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cardinal quest 2 coming and it will bring so many things with it, any one who owns the first will get the second free of charge

Posted by hero1900 on Jan 6th, 2012

In a blog post for the cardinal quest developers a topic mentioning cardinal quest 2 which will be free for any one who owns the first one which is really cool, here is the blog post:

Ruari wrote:As you may know, Ido's been hard at work with the other guys at Dinofarm Games on Auro: The Golden Prince,
a turn-based, dungeon crawling strategy game. While he gets that
moving, he's handed day-to-day development of Cardinal Quest over to
Joshua and me - and we have big plans. An expanded "Deluxe" version
would be cool, but we're going one better: we're making a sequel.

Cardinal Quest II will have everything we had planned for Deluxe and
more. It'll have three new classes, an epic story spanning three
chapters (each individually as large as Cardinal Quest Classic), more
spells, more items, more monsters, and cool new features like shops and
high score tables to record your best runs. Best of all, if you paid for
Cardinal Quest before today then you'll get Cardinal Quest II when it comes out for free.

We'll be announcing pricing and taking pre-orders for Cardinal Quest II
soon, and I'll be bringing you regular updates right here as the game
comes together. For now, get honing your skills on CQ Classic. CQ II's
going to be even tougher!

Ultimoore Jan 8 2012, 10:52am said:

Love it I can not wait.

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noxein Jan 8 2012, 7:36pm said:

Nice, the first it's good, but this looks awesome! Really Cool!

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totheteeth Jan 9 2012, 9:09pm said:

It should be noted, It's free for anyone who bought the first "before today", which at the time of the original posting, was December 8th.

I unfortunately will not benefit from this, but this is a very generous thing of them to do.

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liamdawe Jan 19 2012, 1:43pm said:

Sweet i have the game via Gameolith, can't wait to get the free copy :D

+3 votes     reply to
Gn0meSlice Mar 9 2012, 6:16pm said:

I've got it via the one-day free promotion you offered a few months back... am I still eligible for CQ2?

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Christonian Mar 23 2012, 7:26pm said:

cant wait hope he can start on it soon

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brashrooster Apr 6 2012, 1:05am said:

So if I buy the first now I just get to enjoy a really good game for $4.99 and when the second comes out I will have to buy it at full price? ok well right on for the qualifing people! I wont be one of them but I am willing to pay. I have played several of the free games here and I have purchased two games so far Monster 2 and Dungeons of Dredmor though they are not the most expensive of games I do plan on buying others. I can download a some games from other sites or even my distro package manager but I have decided that from now on I will go through Desura so they can add me to their numbers that I am sure they keep. I will continue to suport Desura and hopefully in the future we will be given a larger selection of titles. As of now I am happy boy! Keep at it Desura......

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brashrooster Apr 6 2012, 1:05am said:


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