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Mar 30, 2010
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This is a group for all the people that like the game star wars empire and FoC

  • EaW screenshot
  • Screwed Scout-trooper
  • Imperial Glory
  • Some pictures
Forschungsstationen  -  Deutsche Version


Empire at War - Fight for Freedom

Forschungsstationen - Deutsche Version

Forschungsstationen....warum? + machen Platz frei für mehr Einheiten pro Volk + fügen...Überraschungen ins Spiel ein + zwei stationen sind besser als eine, denke ich - ziemlich nervig, wenn sie zerstört...

Jan 10, 2014 Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
Working on a new version....


Empire at War - Fight for Freedom

Working on a new version....

...but this time for Forces of Corruption. I have to start over again and I need your point of view concerning several ideas.

Jul 27, 2012 Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
Progress Update 2


Star Wars: Empire At War

Progress Update 2

A summary on the progress of the Battlefronts of War - Dark Forces Mod

Apr 29, 2012 Star Wars: Empire At War
Update #3


Star Wars: Empire At War

Update #3

Clones are fixed! And I need a few people who can do some jobs!

Apr 11, 2012 Star Wars: Empire At War




a post stating the time extension for the competition

Feb 11, 2012 Empire at War
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connor843 Nov 16 2013, 10:59am said:

my computer is f### up i think someone been messing with the screen size for the game. 0-0

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MTGraves Mar 9 2013, 8:59pm said:

Hey everyone. I had a thought just know and wanted to share it with others. Anyways, I was looking at pics of the new Command and Conquer game and I thought... How awesome would it be if Petroglyph came out with Empire at War II using the Frostbite 2 game engine that Battlefield 3 and the new Command and Conquer game are using... Awesome?

I think so. Too bad there's no real way to convince any company to do so...

Thanks for reading.

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EliteHunter39 Apr 29 2013, 8:34am replied:

The new C&C Generals Game they were making was said to be discontinued. But still i would LOVE to see EAW using the Frostbite engine :D

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Urdnot669 Jan 15 2013, 2:13pm said:

Hey guys I've got a problem here. I own this game but I can't play it anymore. I bought it along time ago. It worked fine for a while but it suddenly stopped working after my computer had a meltdown and had to have Windows XP reinstalled. It doesn't spin when it's in the disk drive. My computer doesn't even register the disk being in there. When I check it says the drive is empty.

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and had hoped that things might have changed but I'm still having the same problem. I have the EaW Gold pack.

P.S. This isn't the only game that is doing that. My copy of the Sims 2 Double Deluxe and Grand Ages Rome does the same thing. But all my other games (Rome and Medieval 2 Total war and C%C Generals etc) work fine.

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MTGraves Mar 9 2013, 9:04pm replied:

You could replace the cd drive. You can buy them for like $20 or less. Either that or make sure your drivers are up to date. Or uninstall them and then re-install them.

Oh, and make sure that the drivers for that device work with windows 7.

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KiwiWarrior Jan 4 2013, 12:07am said:

whole this group has changed alot from when i was on here last lol

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Gamer_One82 Aug 30 2012, 3:33pm said:

Greetings from Romania, Bucharest, Desura-ers from all over! :D

I am a passionate space-/land-based RTS-es gamer, used to playing your mods, add-ons, and total conversions quite a lot. :) Especially those made for "Star Wars – Empire at War: Forces of Corruption" (eg, the Gold Pack); for which I can truly say that I am more than satisfied with the gameplay, in general.  However, I do not possess any attributes for actual 'modding' activities, but e-journalistic ones with an average experience to mention. :)
Now, in order to make the long story short(-er), me playing like a madman :P your stuff is the very reason for which I hereby propose a total conversion for you to make... pro bono, namely for "SW – EaW: FoC", one based on the "Stargate" universe - Yeah, another one! :P - and, to be more precise, on the "SG-1" tv show / serial.

+2 votes     reply to
Gamer_One82 Aug 30 2012, 3:35pm replied:

I propose one of the following titles for it:

"Ba'al's (Golden) Conquest"
"Ba'al's (Golden) Odyssey"
"Ba'al's (Golden) Epic",... and so on.

Why Ba'al? And why (potentially) "Golden"? Because, for the first part of the issue, to me – I hope to you, as well –, he is one of the most interesting personae / characters of the SG-1's stories. He isn't intriguing enough, granted, but he might be by re-writing some of his becoming story and, of course, the campaign intros and logs; skirmishes only requires clever(-er) maps and great artwork.  Well, the whole proposed conversion would require this, actually! And, secondly, because this sexy guy – without any gay implications... :P - never actually played by the rules of a sinister tyrant, like Anubis or, why not, Apophis done and were! In other words, I would like to offer my services as a... storyteller / script writer to any team skilled and willing enough to do... this. :D Again, I do not know how to actually 'mod', but I could very well help you with the above mentioned suggestions and, why not, with additional ones, like ideas on how the ships and land units should look – and behave... - like, on which faction should be (eg, playable) or not, what strength should each of these parties and/or units have, and so on.  The artwork would fall on you. :P

P.S. 1:  The time to be allotted by me for my storytelling / script writing would be of around 2-to-3 hours a day.  Hopefully, everyday, depending on the desired task to be solved.

P.S. 2:  I am willing to do all these as stated, namely in a pro bono fashion and under the pseudo / nickname: "Gamer_One82".

P.S. 3: Yes, this has been a generally intended message. :D

With anticipation and respect,

+2 votes     reply to
Gamer_One82 Aug 30 2012, 4:14pm replied:

P.S. 4: Of course, if you are not 'indies' at their beginnings, you *could* hire me... as a novice / entry-level. :D

+2 votes     reply to
Gamer_One82 Aug 30 2012, 4:29pm replied:

N.B. All mods, in my opinion, MUST be Desura-installable! ^:)^ Why so? Because it's easier for most of us. For example, I still have issues with .bat-extended mods; I don't like them at all.

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