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A group for any and all bronies/pegasisters. We will be hosting gaming events and possibly live streams.

RSS Feed Weekly Update! (12/16/11)

Gah! Late! >.> Berry punch edition! Come read this! exciting news from BronySwag!!!

Posted by Dashie~ on Dec 16th, 2011

Hello once again group members!
Im a little late today @.@ got caught up in schoolwork...
Anyways, heres whats been going on in BronySwag!!

Steam Group!

We have now added a BronySwag steam group! The steam community servers are currently down as i am writing this, so i cant get the direct link for you guys, once the servers come back up you can search for BronySwag and you will find us! I will edit this post with the link too when the servers are back up. Join up!!
Updates will be posted here too!

Runescape Clan! (yes, i do mean THAT runescape)

So in the intrest of expanding our group to cover a wide variety of people, i have decided to create a runescape clan for bronyswag! The page for it is here: Services.runescape.com Ingame you can contact CosmicDashie, if im on i will be sure to answer you!

IRC Channel

So our IRC channel is up and fully running,  stop by if you get the chance. I will be in there when i can! This is where we will gather during streams and certian other events.
Server: irc.ponychat.net
Channel: #bronyswag

Upcoming Events

Due to the lack of activity at this current time, im going to hold off events, the BEST way for these to be put on more is to start getting active in the community! Comment on what events you would like to see! Post in the forums! It takes more than the mods to make a community great :D

Mod Assignments

The staff here have had a discussion on what we each are going to handle and i thought it would be good for you guys to know too! As it stands now, I will be taking over the duties of Desura and our Runescape clan/Activities, Lagmobile will be taking charge of the Steam group and other gaming related events, and Flutterz will be in charge of the livestreams and the IRC. Of course this does not mean you wont see us in the other places, we just will be more focused on our duites!

Thats it for today! Have a great weekend guys!

Flutterguy Dec 17 2011, 5:58am said:

If you didn't already check EqD.. we've been featured in the Saturday Nightly Roundup!

Scroll down towards the bottom. Small mention, yes, but a mention in EqD nonetheless!

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Dec 8, 2011
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