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Sep 30, 2011
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For those who feel out of place amongst those stravag innersphere dogs... or just know about The Republic of the Sphere and/or the FedCom civil war, as well as other workings, plotlines, and canon from the BT universe. If you read Loren L. Coleman and Michael A. Stackpole books in other series SOLELY because you read their work in BattleTech and MechWarrior/MechWarrior: Dark Age, you belong here. You REALLY belong here if you played any of the original MW games for Win98 and older or are familiar with Classic BattleTech books before the 'classic' label was added. And yes, I did this entire description without using contractions, because I am not a lazy freebirth. Batchall well bargained and done. Sayla.

MW:LL beta 7.1 all in one installer torrent, MWO Clan invasion


MechWarrior: Living Legends

MW:LL beta 7.1 all in one installer torrent, MWO Clan invasion

the MechWarrior: Living Legends version here on Desura is EXTREMELY out dated, sadly, hence why I haven't really been on here much since creating the group. There is a torrent file to download MW:LL 0.7.1...

May 30, 2014 MechWarrior: Living Legends
needsLITHIUM May 29 2014, 9:30pm said:

I did Closed Beta for MWO... still playing it, just saying...
And I read all Robert Thurston's BT novels, js... I'm a nutcase for Clans, tbh... Clan invasions beginning in MWO this summer!!

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angelocire Aug 1 2012, 1:35pm said:

Is it me, or are the factions in MWO all Innersphere? When I realized that, at first it actually made me not want to play it... :P

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needsLITHIUM May 30 2014, 1:17am replied:

yeah, MWO has been all IS tech up intil now... Clan goddies release next month... I got my Summoner and Nova omni's on orbital offense, Arrow IV lock for preorder, from my Corvette class warship. Kearny-Fuchida drives are already charged from hot-loading the jump core from the reactors, plan to hop out through a pirate jump point after acquisition...

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angelocire Jul 27 2012, 2:01pm said:

Has the creator of the group no love for Robert Thurston's books?

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needsLITHIUM May 30 2014, 1:13am replied:

read the reprint version of the Jade Phoenix Trology, with all 3 books in one big paperback...

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needsLITHIUM May 30 2014, 1:32am replied:

read straight through over the course of 2 or 3 days, actually, over the summer in between 10th and 11th grade. I was on a Sci-Fi/Fantasy binge of extreme proportions... I had recently read "The Half Blood Prince" Harry Potter book over approximately the same time frame, so I was feeling a bit smug, and a tad cheeky, despite working as a CIT at a summer camp, and doing evenings and weekends as a bus boy... what fun times... I miss the hell out of HS... Granted, th 90's were better, 2005 consisted of simpler times, for sure... My biggest concerns revolved around HS, or 'getting in trouble' from my parents, and the 'MechMatch servers for MW4 were still up, for starters, and 'MW4' was not associated with that other, distastefully less worthy game... I still hate CoD; never liked a single game they put out. Prefer Battlefield series, tbh... Titanfall is fun, though :P

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FlyingMonkey59 Apr 30 2012, 7:28pm said: Online

O man, it looks absolutely wicked! I am with you Kindred, cannot wait!!! you see the Raven?

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thekindred Mar 3 2012, 2:48pm said:

Is anyone else as excited as me about MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics?

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DOUCH-LAMP Dec 9 2011, 7:49pm said:

asmost done with mechwarriors living legends 78%

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