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RSS Feed How to use Texmod?

A tutorial showing how to extract textures from Assassin's Creed I, and then how to replace them with your own.

Basic Other Posted by feillyne on Mar 11th, 2011

1) Settings
1. Run Texmod
2. Click "Logging Mode" tab
3. Choose your output format (image format; it may be PNG, TGA, etc.)
4. Select your Output Folder
5. Click "Run"

2) In-game
6. Press (keyboard key) + and - to cycle through textures in-game - textures currently selected will be displayed as green
7. Press "enter" to save your texture

3) Modifications
8. Go to your folder where you saved your textures (Output Folder)
9. Modify your images to suit your needs
10. Open TexMod.log file (with Notepad or other text editor) and remove lines about textures that you don't need

4) Packaging
11. Run TexMod again
12. Click "Package Build" tab
13. Find your .log file (for example TexMod.log, you could name it otherwise)
14. Write your nickname/name in "Creator Name" field and describe your package in "Comment" field
15. Click "Build"
16. Your .tpf file ready to go! You can use it now in the "Package Mode"

Loading screen during Logging Mode

Selected texture

darthvader112 Aug 30 2011, 10:01am said:

thats not even easy to understand if you have no experiences with the program

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May 26, 2009
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