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Review: Vertigo
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kevinatoranator Apr 21 2012, 9:02pm Anchor
kevinatoranator That Guy

Vertigo is basically a game of you being a "probe" (orb) trying to make to the warp (end of the tunnel) while avoiding "drones" (other orbs). You are equipped with 2 shields, one for ice drones and one for fire drones. You must switch between the two depending on which drone is next. The game is pretty challenging, for some reason I find the first level (the easy one) pretty hard, but managed to beat one of the medium/harder levels. I have yet to complete more than one tunnel but have tried them all. This game is not one I would say has vast re-playability but its one of those quick addicting games that you won't stop until you beat all the levels. There is also somewhat of a story which can be found on the website below. 

The game is pretty awesome aesthetic wise and has a great soundtrack of one song. The tunnels, with there many changing and eye-catching backgrounds sometimes distract me from the game causing me to lose a significant amount of shield power. The particle systems, such as the flames and ice, were pretty cool as bursts of flames and snow shoot the drones toward you. 

Other + Specs
Among some players there seems to be issues running the game, if you come across any of these you should post it on the games forums. Includes many different "gamemodes" depending on the level you choose, including "survival" and the dreaded nervebreaker mode. It also runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems so can be enjoyed my the majority of people who use normal operating systems. It is also open source so if you want to create your own zones or other stuff it is available on the website.

Game was pretty good for one of those games I consider a quick play/ enjoy when you want to have fun but not start a big game with a large story line. Not a very complex game, quick to learn, and very stunning graphic display (the trailer makes it look a little worse). The final score will be.... lets talk with the judges... yes... mmmhmmm..its free...ok... 70.7! 



Platform 9, it's real

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