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Before creating a new group, please ensure you read all of the rules below. Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in your group being closed.

  • To create a development group for your game, mod or engine please use the developers section.
  • The group is not a duplicate of another listed on the site.
  • The group must not violate the sites Terms of Service.
  • The group information provided is correct (i.e. valid company details, email, website).
  • The group information provided is free of spelling and HTML formatting errors.
  • A group must have 2 or more members and remain active at all times. It is recommended that you appoint another leader once you group is authorized so that they can manage the group in your absense.

2000kb max, 1024x768 recommended
The preview image is shown when browsing the group listing.

2000kb max, 940x370 minimum
Please upload a photo of your team, or screenshot of work you are doing (with no text) as that will look best.

1000 character limit

(note. individual member permissions are controlled separately on the members page)

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