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MiG-21bis "Huckebein"
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Skin for the MiG-21bis.

Wolfgang Buchner was born to an aristocratic family following the last great war, but took the name Buchner out of a desire serve his country with everyone else. He later became a veteran of the Expansion Wars of the 1970s-1980s that saw the formation of the Belkan Federation, attaining the rank of Colonel and becoming a prominent squadron leader of the 6th Air Division.

His callsign "Huckebein the Raven" derived from a jovial cartoon character of the period. Around base, he was more popularly known as "Pinguine" for his rotund figure or "Pops" for the stern, fatherly attitude he took to his recruits.

However his moderate political beliefs sharply conflicted with that of the fascist party's. As a result, the fascists seized his squadron and elevated a young, aspiring and fanatical pilot named Ashley Bernitz to lead. When Buchner objected, he was forcibly assigned to what would later become Operation Eden. He immediately deserted to warn the allies, but was shot down over B7R by his former squadron members. No body was ever found, and it is suspected that he is currently in Osean witness protection.

Part of the upcoming "Belkan Defense Corps" pack.

Aug 26th, 2012
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