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Top-down shooter inspired by games like "Doom 2", "Alien Shooter", "Painkiller", and movies like "Lockout" and "Resident Evil".

Expect challenging, hardcore and unpredictable gameplay. Gang of Rot Eaters, zombies, mutants, lunatics - who's gonna kill you this time? Or maybe it's gonna be your own grenade?..

No checkpoints, no save game option.

Only you, your gun (if you'll get yours), and Zero Floor... Die, or prove you deserve your freedom.


As for now game consists of:

* Zombies!
3 enemy types (and more then 6 different AI's for them), and 1 boss

* Tools to blow heads off!
5 guns, grenades and flares

* 4 deadly levels & two endings

* Survival mode!
Grab your gun, collect ammo, deal with waves of enemies and stay alive as long as you can!

* Infection!
Every zombie bite counts, be careful! You never know, which scratch will give you ticket to hell.

* 5 soundtracks
Free download will be available after release.

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