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Created by just one man, "Wrestling MPire" is the world's biggest and most innovative wrestling game. This detailed simulation features over 200 characters spread across 9 different promotions from all over the world, and you get to live the life of a wrestler if you graduate from wrestling school to work for one of them! The fully interactive 3D matches also feature dozens of wrestlers in the ring at the same time, as well as lots of weapons in the arena, to create some of the wildest action wrestling fans have ever enjoyed. There is also a comprehensive editor where you can create your own superstar from hundreds of costume choices and even incorporate your own media! Once you become a fan of the game, trade war stories and homemade content at the thriving "MPire Mall" community.

Review RSS Feed K0DAK47 says
8 K0DAK47

Not bad, but no high-poli models, hard AI.

Aditza91 says
10 Aditza91

this is the best pc wrestling game ever

Computica says
10 Computica

What the Hell People! I love this game! I know it's not like the console games but the amount of detail put into the game is awesome. I'm surprised it is not being sold for cash.

I'm all in for the games Management Version of the Remix edition. So if you don't like Career version then play as a Match Booker instead.

ken707 says
10 ken707

this game deserves 10

Patrykq says
10 Patrykq

Best Wrestling game for PC!!!!

ihsanmahendra says
10 ihsanmahendra

Love It !!!

megagruzcheg says
10 megagruzcheg

Это самый лучший рестлинг на пк!

GamerDjRey says
10 GamerDjRey

Muito fera Foda pá caralho!

Hakws136 says
10 Hakws136

I've played this game, and this is BY FAR one of the best wrestling games on the PC. And even some of my favourite games were made by MDickie.

inuyasha_demon says
10 inuyasha_demon

Awesome game and the ONLY PC WRESTLING GAME

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