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From the earliest PadMaps came the mod PadWorld, and now from that distinguished provenance comes the next colourful evolution, the World of Padman. Developed and headed by the professional cartoonist and illustrator ENTE and his team, PadWorld Entertainment proudly present a free multi player game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that's powered by an extended ioquake3-engine.

Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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As many of you know, we originally planned a single player mode for WoP, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won't be completed. We'd like to give you a nice insight to the start of the single player story with the following video.

Posted by Kai-Li on May 14th, 2011

As many of you know, we originally planned a single player mode for WoP, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won't be completed. The single player concept just kept growing in size and at the end it was just too complex to implement. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about what we had planned and show you some of the work we already had put into it. For the single player we didn't only plan new maps, but also new gametypes and new enemies (some of which had been implemented already too). We'd like to give you a nice insight to the start of the single player story with the following video from 2009. Please remember that what is shown here was far from finished.

The story is quickly told. Padman comes home from his "superhero"-work and discoveres that PadGirl has been kidnapped by the mad scientist Dr. Pad. He has taken PadGirl through some teleportation device to an unknown location and Padman tries to track him down. Unfortunately Padman doesn't end up at the right location immediately and has to fight his way through various levels until he can rescue PadGril from the clutches of Dr.Pad.

It's obviously very unfortunate that all the work we had already done has to be thrown away now, but sometimes that's how it turns out. We're really sorry.

Apart from the cancelled single player mode, development still continues. World of Padman 1.5.2 beta is out for you to test and participate in development. The following tutorial video helps you installing the game. Check it out.

Please join us here:
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INtense! May 15 2011, 6:17am said:

looks impressive despite the fact it was cancelled

+4 votes     reply to
--JoKeR-- May 15 2011, 7:01am said:

a sad day

+4 votes     reply to
L34D May 15 2011, 7:37am said:

Sad that you canceled the Singleplayer mode. Awesome "new" atmosphere not like in a standart FPS like COD. There are so many details for the quake 3 engine. I like the color changes from room to room. Sad you canceled it. :/

+4 votes     reply to
JohnnyMaverik May 15 2011, 8:05am said:

Why cancel it and then tease us with it!? Especially cuz it looks pretty good... so frustrate -_-

+6 votes     reply to
xXMaNiAcXx May 15 2011, 12:06pm said:

Well that single player really interested me. The starting area looks so cool and as said above, the color changes are so impressive and the story, as simple as it seems to be, sounds really nice and funny. The comic book hero like story is what most interested me, as for the gameplay on the first level it seems like Unreal Tournament or games like it, where they give you a multiplayer game mode for the singleplayer, you could use something a bit more catchy and make a whole new singleplayer game mode.

But well, it is really sad that it got cancelled. You could start working at it again, it has lots of potential.

+3 votes     reply to
Darthlex May 15 2011, 3:33pm said:

While I can understand the feeling wanting to show stuff, not just letting it go to waste, I think it was an unnecessary move.

Basically just showing us something we'll never have, y'know?

+6 votes     reply to
Walrussel May 18 2011, 5:14am said:

WOW! that looks better than I thought it would... too bad you guys decided to can it

+1 vote     reply to
aliendude5300 May 29 2011, 2:35pm said:

This is truly sad news, the single player would've been awesome! :(

+1 vote     reply to
Agret Jun 25 2011, 2:26am said:

Can you put up the files for the unfinished singleplayer would be good to let community mappers finish it it looks awesome :)

+1 vote     reply to
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