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Set in a futuristic cartoon-like world where rocketlauncher-wielding pigs and lasergun-carrying cyberpunks roam the streets, Warsow is a completely free fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Speed and movement, that's what Warsow is all about. Like a true cyberathlete you jump, dash, dodge and walljump your way through the game. Grab those power-ups before your enemy does, plant the bomb before anyone sees you, and steal the enemy's flag before anyone knows what's going on! A handful of popular gametypes come shipped with Warsow, like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, Instagib and Duel. Warsow invites you to add to this list, by creating your own custom gametypes with the brand new gametype scripting system!

Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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Warsow is looking for a talented & motivated C++ coder to make Warsow 0.7 a reality!

Posted by ETR on Sep 4th, 2011

We are still looking for volunteers to help out in creating War§ow v0.7. What we desperately now need programming-wise is someone who is capable in writing decent C++-code in decent time.

Task in hands is our BRANDNEW user interface (menus for now, huds later) that depend heavily on few 3rd party libraries (details will follow once _you_ join the devteam). A sneakpreview of the new UI can be found here: Warsow.net.

Any one with anykind of motivations such as:
1) You want to see War§ow 0.7 released.
2) You have programming related educations going on and you need to be involved in related project.
3) You want to show off your mad programming skill.
4) You name it.

You wont be the only one involved in this task, toukkapoukka has done the most grunt work on the current state, and plans to continue finishing it. Vic will probably help where he can (he hates C++). Crizis and hopefully someone else too are involved in designing the layouts and designs for it.

medve Sep 6 2011, 4:14am said:

dont even dare to make a shity lagging browser game like ql...or keep the win client at least...im gonna blame crisis.

+1 vote     reply to
SolidFake Sep 8 2011, 5:46pm replied:

don't worry, warsow will never become a browser game (even thought Vic made already attempts if it works) and will ever stay different to games like quake live

+2 votes     reply to
desuradroid Oct 8 2011, 5:00am said:

emm iqsc OMEGA error on site! 403 forbidden
dunno if just me....

+1 vote     reply to
tripod_ Jan 21 2012, 10:52am said:

Brilliant game, come on coders, help out, Ill send you ramen noodles, and snus

+1 vote     reply to
WildBeλ³st Feb 26 2012, 7:08pm said:

Come ooon! I want new user interface :(...

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