Wanderlust: Rebirth is an online 4 player co-op retro arcade-action RPG. Wanderlust: Rebirth offers more content than most professionally-funded games including story and survival modes, online high-scores, over 40 enemies types, 15 boss battles (including 4 secret bosses), over 50 unique skills between 4 uniquely crafted character classes, 3 different difficulty modes, 3 different endings, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

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With Patches 2.49 - 2.51, we implement global lobby/chat, revamped the fighter class, and received some media attention!

Posted by d2king10 on Jan 23rd, 2012

Hey guys, we have quite a bit of updates to fill you in on! Today we released patch 2.51, and I feel this is a good time to write up a news post going over the last couple of patches in-depth!

First and foremost, in patch 2.49 we implemented a global lobby and global chat! The global lobby will show up right when you enter the game with your character, which is a pretty neat effect in Rebirth, but we plan to expand on this feature in the next installment of Wanderlust (expansion). On the other hand, the new global chat has been a huge hit. Players can now be playing in their own games and STILL be able to connect with the community. We have seen new players playing a single player game and talking to the community on how to do things or what to do! We are hoping to make the community a bit closer knit with the addition of the global chat. It is as simple as pressing G to swap between global and local chat!

With patch 2.51, we revamped the Fighter class. The Fighter can now learn Riposte, which will make countering easier, as well, we added a new ability called Battle Tactics, which allows the fighter to analyize the weaknesses in his enemies for instant crits! With these changes to the fighter, we are hoping to make him a bit more flashy compared to the other classes.

Wanderlust: Rebirth
Some of the new fighter abilities!

And on a slightly unrelated note, one of our veteran players, Watzels, crafted the first purple! He has played over 600 hours, and is a great example of how much content and replayability Wanderlust: Rebirth has!

Wanderlust: Rebirth
Watzels with the first crafted purple!

Finally, Wanderlust has received quite a bit of praise on the journalist side of things!

True Pc Gaming - 1/20/2012 - "As an indie-developer with no prior connections to the industry, releasing a beta was essential for obtaining feedback from our fanbase. We’ve developed a huge game, with tons of balancing issues that couldn’t possibly be addressed by our small beta group or Jason and myself, so the open beta (and the creation of a demo) was just another part of development for us rather than some business tactic. Actually, considering the help that user feedback can provide to any developer, including the man-hours saved by allowing fans to test your game for free, I see no reason why any developer would elect to not provide demo of their game!"

Rock Paper Shotgun - 1/14/2012 - "It can be played single player or co-operatively online, which is a hell of a feature set for a little game like this, and it seems to be a remarkable labour love overall... Definitely worth a look if you are inclined towards such tremendous pixel-art cuteness."

Co-optimus - 1/05/2012 - "There's enough variety between the different chapters, co-op modes, loot items, and character classes to keep things interesting. Playing with a few friends or even a couple of strangers becomes a blast because everyone's out to do the same thing: work together to beat the next big boss or clear as many waves as possible. It's not perfect, but its 16-bit retro vibe, loot-tastic rewards, and solid co-op gameplay make it a game well worth the price of admission."

Patch notes:
Patch 2.51

  • [FIGHTER] "Berserker" now active at 100% HP only (was 30% or less)
  • [FIGHTER] "War Cry" now gives allies a 30% chance to dodge attacks from taunted enemies
  • [FIGHTER] "Riposte": Countering much easier when unlocked.
  • [FIGHTER] "Battle Tactics" skill added. Unlocked at start of character. Makes it so when an enemy is blocked 3 times, they are 'targeted' and will be hit for critical damage by the player. Player also auto-evades 'targeted' enemies but then the targeting will be removed.
  • Chapters can now be "Retried"
  • Resilient now factors Overheal when determining 40% of HP
  • Ranged enemies will no longer see through walls or Stealth
  • Made an adjustment to Chapter 7 boss tactics
  • Fixed various other bugs

If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to post away! We look forward to our viewers opinions on the things we do!

So what are you waiting for, jump on in and hope to see you guys online!
-Team Wanderlust

WalterBR Jan 23 2012, 8:12pm said:

"...but we plan to expand on this feature in the next installment of Wanderlust (expansion)"
So you guys are planing to make an expansion to the game? Awesome! What can we expect? More missions? More character classes(or maybe an upgrade to the ones that already exist)? Me and my friends have beaten the game on normal mode(still have to win on the epic one) and we are loving the game so far. :)

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d2king10 Jan 23 2012, 8:45pm replied:

When we are able to do an expansion, it will be a true expansion. That includes a whole new continent, new character class, new game mode(s). We wouldn't be adding any class upgrades (since we do that already, any upgrades would just be included in a regular patch). What we have confirmed with our fans is that the expansion would most definitely be free roam!

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Lethalanvas Jan 23 2012, 10:40pm said:

We're already working on the next patch. =P

Adding a sort of help feature where you can hit a button and view queued messages that give you hints, tips and even lore information about the world you're playing in!

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