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Vulture for NetHack in an isometric graphical interface for the roguelike engine: NetHack.

Review RSS Feed Darkerson says
10 Darkerson

Vulture for Nethack is AWESOME!

courtjester235 says
10 courtjester235

I'm a big fan of nethack and this makes a complicated game a lot more user friendly. The graphics are a nice touch and it's nice not to have to memorize all the complicated keyboard comands.

vandaldelle3v says
10 vandaldelle3v

best tileset for the best roguelike ever

graspee says
1 graspee

This is just a fork of Falcon's Eye for Nethack. The devs have added not much at all and yet are charging for what is largely the work of other people.

On Steam they are banning people and flagging reviews to try to control negative reaction to the game.

austinshaupt says
10 austinshaupt

Object ASCII. Go for vulture and you won't regret it.

Lokisana says
10 Lokisana

I have spent less time playing the Elder Scrolls series combined. This game is addictive, frustrating, and hasn't lost anything with age. Delve into a dungeon, combat a thousand different monsters in random generated levels to complete a quest of epic proportions. I love this game.

Dathura says
10 Dathura

Awesome Game

bossonova911 says
8 bossonova911

keep it updated or else you will lose your audience.

vackume says
9 vackume

I love roguelikes, but will gladly accept tile graphics over ASCII if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, the original tilesets for Nethack are horribly small on my 1080p monitor. Vulture allows a larger graphical display in addition to the more user friendly UI. And of course, Nethack itself is a ton of fun. People unaccustomed to roguelikes may not "get it" at first, but I encourage them to come to an understanding of roguelikes in general before casting final judgments. Try out WazHack for a similar experience.

LuisWolfe says
5 LuisWolfe

I have to admit, the 3-D grafics for Nethack is REALLY cool, but the clunky grafics creates a headake and sometimes makes it hard to see. Its also lacks in creative. Things look clunky and absultly eye-hurting. Its a good idea by the modder, but it needs some work...

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