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Vulture for NetHack in an isometric graphical interface for the roguelike engine: NetHack.

Review RSS Feed Darkerson says
10 Darkerson

Vulture for Nethack is AWESOME!

courtjester235 says
10 courtjester235

I'm a big fan of nethack and this makes a complicated game a lot more user friendly. The graphics are a nice touch and it's nice not to have to memorize all the complicated keyboard comands.

vandaldelle3v says
10 vandaldelle3v

best tileset for the best roguelike ever

austinshaupt says
10 austinshaupt

**** ASCII. Go for vulture and you won't regret it.

Lokisana says
10 Lokisana

I have spent less time playing the Elder Scrolls series combined. This game is addictive, frustrating, and hasn't lost anything with age. Delve into a dungeon, combat a thousand different monsters in random generated levels to complete a quest of epic proportions. I love this game.

Dathura says
10 Dathura

Awesome Game

bossonova911 says
8 bossonova911

keep it updated or else you will lose your audience.

vackume says
9 vackume

I love roguelikes, but will gladly accept tile graphics over ASCII if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, the original tilesets for Nethack are horribly small on my 1080p monitor. Vulture allows a larger graphical display in addition to the more user friendly UI. And of course, Nethack itself is a ton of fun. People unaccustomed to roguelikes may not "get it" at first, but I encourage them to come to an understanding of roguelikes in general before casting final judgments. Try out WazHack for a similar experience.

LuisWolfe says
5 LuisWolfe

I have to admit, the 3-D grafics for Nethack is REALLY cool, but the clunky grafics creates a headake and sometimes makes it hard to see. Its also lacks in creative. Things look clunky and absultly eye-hurting. Its a good idea by the modder, but it needs some work...

Tonystarman0 says
7 Tonystarman0

Step 1: I'm confusing in that!
step 2: What the hell is that pet (If i remember)
step 3: Its little boring and confusing!

But not so bad! need a little speed up those (I guessing mine)
Giving you 7/10

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