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Fast pace cellshading flying action. Soar the skies as you take on the most vicious enemies above the ground. Experience an airborne adventure in an all new art style that will take you to something different and exciting. With the possibility to add just about anything you can imagine into the game, the sky it's not the limit. It's just the beginning.

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The day as come for the Vector Thrust to be released.

Posted by timeSymmetry on Jun 26th, 2012

After a few months of public development, this report marks an important milestone in the development of the Vector Thrust. From now on it will be possible for those who support the project and be able to play the alpha.

This will have additional importance from here on, because the development will give additional attention to players feedback.

Without further ado lets talk about the game:

  • Arcade style gameplay in PC while being as faithful as possible to the real specs;
  • Very Low pc requirements; (it can be played in a pc powered by a running turtle )
  • Fully moddable game content; (campaigns, missions, units, weapons, menus and more)
  • Adaptive AI, they act accordingly to the weapons unit and mission they are given;
  • Exclusive access to the Debug Mode with the ability to take over and control every unit in the field; (only available while in alpha phase)


  • Skirmish mode;
  • Arcade mode and other quick to play modes;
  • Playing with every unit in the game;
  • Dynamic weather and time with influence in the game play;
  • Squad Management & control, issue orders and missions for all your allies;
  • And more;


A Campaign with 6 missions and one extra for the battle scenario. (It is less than initial expected, but that isn’t really a problem considering how easily is to make missions. Also it will be added more missions in frequent updates)

Note at this point it’s possible to make and play campaigns from start to finish. With the ability to unlock/buy/sell planes and weapons.

As stated before, the game menus are purely functional, however game play is a very developed aspect of the game.

Also something to take in consideration, the current campaign hardly uses half of the content available, so for those who want to make their own missions, they will have more to work with.

As an alpha, in this fist release, there is little variety in ground objects, and some objects act as placeholders, but they will be replaced for the final models as they will became available.

After this release, updates will follow every week for free.

Most of the effects for now are generic and some are placeholders, they will be immediately improved in next updates.The same thing applies to maps; they will be improved and detailed as development progresses.

In this these updates expect new missions, units, weapons, and successive tweaking in the gameplay and missions as more mechanics became available.

As for game mechanics, the updates that will be added in the following weeks will be:

  • Skirmish Mode.
  • Helicopter units.
  • Stealth.
  • Conversion pack.
  • Bay doors.

And after these additions the price will rise a little bit, an from here on, whenever a group of relevant features are added (to see more what will be the upcoming features, go to report-017 in the news, if not listed, use ModDB or indieDB)

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
CPU with 1Ghz
GPU: 128 MB DirectX®–compliant, Shader 2.0–enabled video card
Ram 500Mb
Hard-disk space 500mb
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c

CPU: Dual Core 2.67 Ghz
Ram: 2gb
Gpu: 500Mb

There will be a slight change in future reports, it will be added more emphasis in the addition/changes in gameplay as now it will be possible for everyone to experience these changes.

For those that were expecting a demo, unfortunately it won’t be available for now. Playing the game is exclusive for those who pre-order the game.

Also for those who like to try the demo to check if it works properly in their pc, the game has very low system requirements, but in case of any incompatibility please use the Support in forums and your issue will be immediately attended.

For everyone interested in supporting this project and are not used how alpha funding works, please do not expect a completed game. There is a lot to be improved, especially menus, including the addition of more content (missions, units and weapons), but in terms of gameplay the game is already very polished and the user is able add any content and change every aspect of the game.

##SITENAME## Digital Distribution

Tutorials will follow shortly, explaining how to add/change the game content.

And finally, feel free to share your opinion, what you liked and don’t liked and also to make your suggestions about the game.

PS: it was only after publishing that was noticed that a texture from the gun muzzles was missing; it will be fixed in the next update that will be available in just a few days.

And finally regardless if you want to support now the game or latter, thank you for all who have been commenting or following the game up till now. And for those who support, hope you’ll enjoy this alpha, and looking forward to hear from you.

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

Cnaff Jun 26 2012, 10:26pm said:

Awesome! =D

+3 votes     reply to
DevinShadowV Jun 26 2012, 11:57pm said:

will this ever go on steam?

+10 votes     reply to
Gamingroach Jun 27 2012, 12:34am replied:

+1 I was gonna ask the same :D

+4 votes     reply to
timeSymmetry Jun 27 2012, 7:06am replied:

For now, wasn’t establishing any contact with steam.
But is safe to assume that when It’s finished the game will be on steam.
Unless… for some reason steam doesn’t what the game to be there. XD

+6 votes     reply to
Dirt_Diggller Jun 27 2012, 1:58pm replied:

Steam are very picky though =( A few great games never made it and other made it after a few months. I hope this gets straight on there.

+1 vote     reply to
DevinShadowV Jun 28 2012, 12:37am replied:

that would be great plus achivements, SDK, etc lol

+1 vote     reply to
Rezol Nov 15 2012, 2:17pm replied:

Well, nowadays with Steam Greenlight it's very possible to have an indie game like this added. All it takes is enough votes for them to accept it!

+1 vote     reply to
d10sfan Jun 27 2012, 1:03am said:

awesome! glad to see the alpha released, buying now

+1 vote     reply to
AirborneSn1p3r Jun 27 2012, 5:22am said:

I cant wait untill it comes out with a skrimish mode

+1 vote     reply to
roman9441 Jun 27 2012, 5:59am said:

awesome :D

+1 vote     reply to
CloneWarrior85 Jun 27 2012, 7:40am said:

Woohoo it's out :D

+1 vote     reply to
roman9441 Jun 27 2012, 9:44am said:

Is alpha fund is the final price for final version of game ? or it just price for beta. Because I'm confuse sorry. If alpha fund not final price what is pre-order price i wonder :D i really want to play this game

+1 vote     reply to
VitaminK Jun 27 2012, 9:52am replied:

if you pay for the alpha you get the full game when its released for helping fund

+1 vote     reply to
VitaminK Jun 27 2012, 9:54am said:

+1 funder

+1 vote     reply to
monsterfurby Jun 27 2012, 10:38am said:

This looks very interesting and promising, and I am considering buying the AlphaFunding version.

Are there any long-term plans to have some semblance of a "career mode" that tracks the player's and possibly campaign AI squadmates' pilot career (with ranks, killboard etc.)?

+1 vote     reply to
timeSymmetry Jun 27 2012, 3:44pm replied:

That sounds really interesting... A team management feature was already planned, but that sounds even better!

+1 vote     reply to
taffy497 Jun 27 2012, 11:38am said:

I noticed that one of the screen shots had an ammo counter that said you had 73 missiles. Will there be options to turn things like this off?

+1 vote     reply to
timeSymmetry Jun 27 2012, 3:43pm replied:

Yes, it is possible edit the game to have more realistic loadouts and ammo count.

+1 vote     reply to
Solarflexis Jun 27 2012, 12:11pm said:

PLEZ for us in the cockpit flyers make thjis an option of in cockpit flying instead of watching the plane fly which is so retarded.
do you drive a car sitting behind and outside your car..NO!
arcade in todays world of gaming is atari 400 style of programming. it takes the realism out of palying games.
so like many who would buy these games...im not wqasting my money on out of vehicle controlling looking at my plane.
everyonbe wants things to look good. well in the heat of battle one does not have the time to look howe beautiful the game looks over all.
thank you.

-3 votes     reply to
Katana_ Jun 27 2012, 12:21pm said:

Curious, is there a tech demo of any kind so we can check and verify if the engine does indeed agree with our systems?

I've got an intel GMA to contend with, so I'd like to be sure before I purchase, it's not exactly the most powerful thing to game on...

+1 vote     reply to
timeSymmetry Jun 27 2012, 1:06pm replied:

The lowest performance test, was using a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 using only the battery and having the power saving mode active. And worked really well in the low settings.

This may help you a bit, but if you can give more details about your specs, I can look in to it more carefully.

+2 votes     reply to
Katana_ Jun 27 2012, 3:12pm replied:

Mobile Intel 4 Family Graphics, uses shared video memory, I've allowed it to take as much as it wants as well.
Working with 4GiB of DDR2 RAM.
Processor is an Intel Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz.

Running the latest drivers in windows (and running Windows 7 x64), and a tweaked version of Linux Mint 13 x64 w/Cinnamon (ubuntu 12.04 base) as my linux distro with openbox as the desktop environment.

If you need anything more specific than that, just ask, I'll try to get it for ya.

+1 vote     reply to
Jurjee Jun 27 2012, 1:09pm said:

No multiplayer?

+1 vote     reply to
timeSymmetry Jun 27 2012, 2:41pm replied:

For now, it's single player only.

+1 vote     reply to
roman9441 Jun 28 2012, 7:54am said:

If i pay now will i access to alpha it look interesting for me

+1 vote     reply to
dhannemon13 Jun 29 2012, 12:26pm said:

Asking first, because I'm never buy any game from Desura =)

1. After I pay the game, how can I get the game?
2. If I download the game, is the download RESUMEABLE? I hate if it can't be resumeable -_-

That's all :)

+2 votes     reply to
vortexg Jun 30 2012, 6:26pm said:


I've dug into my really shallow pockets and dragged out what cash I have. To be honest, the alpha access is irrelevant. I just want you to have my money because this is the single most exciting indie project I've seen around here for a long, long time.

+1 vote     reply to
roman9441 Jul 1 2012, 2:01am said:

I purchase it and i can answer dhanemon13 question

1. After you pay you have to install Desura which is like the steam (but GUI) still a bit confuse me. And install and game it easy

2. Yes the download is resuemable it like the steam u can download and pause it anytime

+1 vote     reply to
leoferstos Aug 4 2013, 7:10pm said: Online

how i buy it!

+1 vote     reply to
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