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After almost 2 years of waiting, UFHO2 is here.
Whether you want to play solo, with up to 3 other friends or online, UFHO2 will put your brain to the test.

“A simple yet devilishly difficult strategy game” - IndieGameMag
“Good things often come in small packages” - Indie Games Channel

UFHO2 is the sequel to the first UFHO web game: it's a turn-based, competitive strategy board game. In UFHO2, things get bigger and better in every way, with new stages, new board layouts, new characters, new game modes, new powerups.

• Story Mode, with 10 unique planets, for a total of 30+ matches
• An endless Local Multiplayer mode - it's more fun when you see your friends in the eyes while you outwit them
• 10 different alien races to unlock, each one with its own in-game power: several guests from other indie games (World of Goo, Super Crate Box, Bit.Trip, Blocks That Matter, Gish, Cortex Command)
• A wonderful original soundtrack, by composer Francesco D'Andrea

And more to come in the next update

UFHO2 on sale and getting to new platforms!


UFHO2 on sale and getting to new platforms!

Long time no see, right? What's new for UFHO2? This time we talk about UFHO2 on sale, a Universal app for iOS, the Android version, and more!

Dec 1, 2014  
A release date for UFHO2


A release date for UFHO2

After more than one year of waiting, UFHO2 finally has a release date. Also, it will be 40% off before and 20% off after launch, so get it as early as possible!

Mar 24, 2014  
UFHO2 is on Desura Alphafunding!


UFHO2 is on Desura Alphafunding!

After a long wait, UFHO2 is finally available on Desura Alphafunding at 40% off the regular price.

Mar 5, 2013  
The Goo balls in UFHO2


The Goo balls in UFHO2

After the big adventure that was the Global Game Jam where I had the pleasure to work with Arvi Teikari and the Vlambeer guys, here's the promised update. Some very familiar faces this time!

Feb 2, 2012  
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