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TripleA is a free turn based strategy game and board game, similar to Risk, or Axis & Allies. Known for its multiplayer on the online lobby, it also allows Play-By-Email and network (LAN) play, as well as single player vs AI or hotseat. It has over 100 games and maps that can be downloaded from the user community. It is open source, needing only Java 5 to run (can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). Supports savegames, encrypted dice gen, low luck, and other options.

Recreate World War 2 with the Axis pushing through to Moscow and Japan devouring the Pacific, or recreate Napoleon's march across Europe, or Rome defeating the Carthaginian Empire, or even Sauron conquering Middle Earth, or Zombies taking over America! If you have ever played a game where you push little plastic/virtual pieces around, roll dice, conquer the lands of your enemy, & produce new pieces to conquer with, you will be able to jump right into TripleA!

  • Great War 4.0 (updated)
  • Dedicated Host Bot
  • Civil War: A House Divided (Mississippi River)
  • Civil War: A House Divided
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SwearLoad Jul 14 2013, 1:19pm said:

Uhh programer...

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Introducing the brand new "Automated Dedicated Hosting Service" for TripleA.

Basically, instead of hosting the game on your computer, the game is hosted on our servers.
Anyone can connect to it and use it.
After joining the game room, any player may change the map to whichever they want, using the "Network" button.
They can also have it load any "Autosave", and even send the server a savegame to specifically load.
They can also download whatever save the server is currently using. This is useful if someone disconnects, because the server will automatically load the autosave, thereby letting all other users download it.

This totally solves the issue of some people being able to host their own games. Now the Host Bots can host it for you.

Jun 2nd, 2013
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