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Triangle Man is a punishing 2D platformer where you must control more than one character at once - and these characters all move as one. Good luck keeping all the Triangle Men alive until the end of each level... you'll need it!

The game is currently an alpha release and we would love your help in shaping the final game. We have over 100 levels available for you to play right now. Don't let the cute fool you, these levels are really hard!

We have a FREE demo available for you to download via Desura or our website: www.convictinteractive.com.

Review RSS Feed shannonarcher3 says
4 shannonarcher3

The challenge is definetly there as well as the punishment, as I was playing I got the impression the developer hated me as the controls didn't seem to get much work put into them as well as the physics tend to bend you over prison style for no particular reason, its called TRIANGLE man but for all intents and purposes you are SQUARE.

If punishment was the goal of this game then it has definitely been achieved and kudos for that. The challenge at the beginning 3 or 4 areas are enjoyable but it swiftly becomes irritable with so many of the same elements being repeated with a different enemy chucked in. It also lacks any real goal other then an arcade style highscore system.

In addition the artwork is basic, doesn't really stick to any particular design either which is why this was an issue. Some of the UI elements could use some work, that is fixed resolution meant part of the game actually couldn't fit on my laptop, would be nice to be able to play this in a smaller screen, also keymapping would be good so i could make jump using the Up arrow key which I am used to in most platformers. Also had a major issue with trying to get around the dicky physics as they tend to be severely misrepresented in the game, i.e. spikes along with most enemies cover a greater area then seen.

Overall, could use some refinement in gameplay elements and a truckload more polish as I felt that alot more work could have gone into this game.

scottyob says
10 scottyob

So so much fun! Such torture too. My poor little triangle man died so much! :(. Sorry little triangle man! I think this game would be awesome on the DS and it would be great to have it on Mac some time too. So much fun though! Game cost a little more than a cup of coffee and has left me with a real sense of value (easily worth 5 cups of coffee.) Well done guys! Look forward to finishing it and hopefully seeing it on other platforms. Ps. When can we get our mittens on a level editor? That would be pretty epic

DanBComposer says
10 DanBComposer

Great game! Tricky but fantastically addictive.

sparky173 says
9 sparky173

Such a fantastic game! I love it. It's so challenging and addictive. The levels where you control multiple triangle men, sometimes upside-down, really add to it.
And if ever you get frustrated with a level, you can kill him repeatedly by walking him into spikes and he breaks into dozens of little 'doritos' :)
At this early stage, there are occasional bugs, but Convict fix them pretty quickly and continually release updates with bug fixes, new levels and new terrain types (like underwater currents). I also really like that it lets you move onto the next area even if you can't finish every single level in an area.
For those reading the review by SHANNONARCHER3, a number of the things which were complained about are working fine now for me. It runs fine on my netbook, which only supports resolution up to 1024*600. And the enemies and spikes are no longer over-represented. The main map view has also been improved.

frozenOcean says
10 frozenOcean

Awesome game. Extra challenging. Can't stop playing it. Congrats guys you have done a great job!

MRM03 says
1 MRM03

Interested as to where this game will go with other mechanics and such, Up arrow or W not mapped to Jump was frustration and some sort of triangle game play element would be cool.

sozaxtheanim says
8 sozaxtheanim

Jun 24th, 2013

No review provided

Gamearth says
9 Gamearth

Mar 7th, 2013

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46odnetnin says
10 46odnetnin

Jan 24th, 2013

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laceysnr says
10 laceysnr

Nov 20th, 2012

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