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TBTM Beta version, a Car Combat game in the Wild West, featuring cars mounted with a Gatling gun and a rocket launcher.
The next update for TBTM will be in mid 2015 with more Ai characters to combat with, more cars to choose from and more race tracks in the Wild West.
there is a frame rate drop in the third level (due to extra details) as a quick fix you can set the graphics quality to 'Fastest' .
The 3rd level is REALLY FUN try shooting the steam train while it is moving, it is really challenging and fun, its not easy to take down the train as it has 6 bogies with 4 gun men each with the sheriff himself driving the steam engine, you cant take down the sheriff until you take down all 24 gun men, then the train explodes!................
and for any bugs encountered All bugs will be fixed in the next update.
Skill level 15+

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