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Trace Vector is a high speed action arcade game with puzzle elements. Featuring a modern take on vector style graphics, Trace Vector plays like an easy to learn, hard to master, game of the golden age of the 80′s video arcades. Race your space ship through each geometric level, grabbing extra fuel cells along the way. Reach a viable goal to shatter the networks' hold on your ship and increase your speed. Simple controls keep you focused on navigating the increasingly complex webs at ever increasing speeds. Collect fuel cells and warp time to assist in the precision maneuvering needed to ace a level! Warping time quickly exhausts precious fuel. If you deplete your fuel and crash, it's game over.

Indie Games Searchlight reveals our secrets! – Trace Vector Review and Interview


Indie Games Searchlight reveals our secrets! – Trace Vector Review and Interview

We did an interview with Mark Carr from Indie Games Searchlight at Retroware. Since then Mark has played through Trace Vector and has compiled information from the interview into his new video review!

Apr 8, 2014 News
Trace Vector Soundtrack now available!


Trace Vector Soundtrack now available!

You asked for it and here it is! A specially arranged version of all the rocking music from Trace Vector!

Jan 24, 2014 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 21)
lu3mm3l Aug 21 2014, 3:45pm said:

So, uhm, we don't get keys for steam? I couldn't wait and thought I buy it on desura and also get a Steam key afterwards, like many others games did, but my page doesn't show any key for trace vector? Help?

+2 votes     reply to
VexelGames Aug 29 2014, 6:57pm replied:

For anyone else looking for Steam keys. If you ordered the game through Groupees check your Groupees account, they have been credited to your account. If there's still an issue email me and I'll help you out.


+2 votes     reply to
Drake1009 Mar 25 2014, 3:49pm said:

Indie Games Searchlight made me aware of this game, and I'm not sure if I should praise or curse them for it. Such a simple concept, basic graphics, and yet so pretty and compelling to play. Not to mention frustratingly hard for an ageing person like me who lost most of my twitch reflexes long ago.
Could be nice with a level editor to see just how evil people could be with challenges.
And perhaps a grandpa needs practice mode with slowed down gameplay but inability to score or progress.

And as shadow1w2 noted isometric or 3D look. Don't know how it's rendered as is, but if it's 3D accelerated on a surface, tilting the view angle, maybe making the camera rotate slowly during play could be a challenge for those masochists out there who aren't content with the twitch reflexes required already. Or a "Follow" cam which will rotate way too quickly for anyone to not get sick.

+1 vote     reply to
shadow1w2 Feb 22 2014, 7:31am said:

I sure wish this had an isometric or 3D sorta look but overall its a rather nice litlte game.
Got my copy from the groupees bundle, had not to pass it up.

+1 vote     reply to
VexelGames Feb 27 2014, 11:55pm replied:

It might make the game hard to play, but it could be interesting. I may take a look at implementing that in the future after all the releases are out. Could see it being nice for Endless mode in particular since that's quite a bit simpler to read visually.

+1 vote     reply to
ThreeSon Feb 21 2014, 9:27pm replied:

For some reason Groupees doesn't have the installer on our profiles, just the Desura key. Maybe they're having the same problem?

+1 vote     reply to
Caine123 Feb 22 2014, 4:36am replied:

yes i used the desura key and if you use the desura key the Installer gets opened under downloads of the game profile too! but this doesnt work here?

+1 vote     reply to
VexelGames Feb 23 2014, 3:07am replied:

I've sent off a notice to Desura. The problems seem to be very inconsistent. If needed, private message me and I'll get you a copy of the installer myself.

+1 vote     reply to
ThreeSon Feb 24 2014, 5:49pm replied:

Download is now working for me.

+1 vote     reply to
Caine123 Feb 23 2014, 4:46pm replied:

thx a lot :)

+1 vote     reply to
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Sure Mewtwo is cool and all... but can we get the Trace Vector line as DLC for #smash ? Apr 15 2015, 10:12pm
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