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Towns brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

Review RSS Feed lonichou says
9 lonichou

Not easy, but not so hard. Some parts of this game are like "The Settler" or "Dwarf Fortress", and it is more easier than DF. (Well, that doesn't mean you won't be fail in the beginning...) In my point, there are some space for improving, even though, it's a good game, I like to play it.

awesome-g says
10 awesome-g

:) sips plays it *or sjin* and its awesome!

smilemonster says
10 smilemonster

MY kind of game

caznoware says
10 caznoware

Minecraft like with RPG. Very good game.

TwilightChaos says
9 TwilightChaos

I played this game for awhile and loved almost every moment. I enjoy the challenge of sieges but its a bit unbalanced. The game has improved tons over time and most of the things I had issues with have been address but there are still a few kinks I think it needs to work out.

Un4o1yAsSa5sIn says
10 Un4o1yAsSa5sIn

This game is very fun and amusing. It is good game to pass the time, I do recommend it to people who liked the idea of df but couldn't stand the massive headache from playing it.

MidgetMaker says
10 MidgetMaker

one of the best games i have played in a long time

wormydowg says
10 wormydowg

If your going to give a game a rating of 10/10 then i think words are not needed..................

Marpeth says
10 Marpeth

Once you work out how not to get completely owned by your first town siege, this is a wonderful game. I find myself compelled to 'just get this next thing done', which usually means I go to bed later than I really should.
For me, this is a really good sign of a really engaging, fun game.
Well done

dogsonofawolf says
3 dogsonofawolf

Play Gnomoria instead. Graphics, interface, everything here is bad.

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