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Get your friends in pure arcade cooperative violence.

You are a gang of merciless mercenaries hired to spread chaos and death across the colorful SugarLand.

Pick up one the The Sugar KillerZ and start the hell: The Bad, The Mad, The Dumb and The Cool are absolutely nuts (literally).
Be ready for a crazy wild action to be played with three mates or with advanced A.I. companions.

Attention: this game can make you laugh to death.

- Pure coop gameplay with "Save me" mechanics
- A.I. companions to assist the player with different play styles
- Slow motion power for juicy blood baths
- Wild and hilarious play style
- Cute creatures to annihilate in intense raids
- Addictive and fresh enemy mechanics
- More than 1 hour of great music by Acid Rider
- Hand made 2D Graphics
- 30+ Locations tied together seamlessly
- 300+ Frames of animations
- 300+ Crazy sound effects
- Compatible with every PC gamepad
- It runs smoothly on low end PCs, even Netbooks

The Sugar KillerZ PRICE CUT!!!


The Sugar KillerZ PRICE CUT!!!

Great news, The Sugar KillerZ halved the price!! Get you friends and jump in The Sugar KillerZ, pure cooperative arcade violence.

Sep 10, 2012  
The Sugar Killerz available on Desura


The Sugar Killerz available on Desura

The Sugar Killerz is available on Windows. Intense action that runs even on Netbooks.

May 14, 2012  
The Sugar Killerz Released on Desura


The Sugar Killerz Released on Desura

The perfect mix of cinematic adventure, CoOperative violence, stunning graphics and great music.

Apr 18, 2012  
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