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4/26/2015-Hi Guys! Tristan here, creator of the game! Just so you know there is sadly a delay in the new build becoming available and I guess I have to wait for it to be approved before you guys can play it! I'm hoping that will be very soon!

Mysterious kidnappings have begun in the town of Neria, and deep within the heart of its forest, lies an underground city where a grand scheme of godlike proportions is unfolding and threatens to obliterate an entire region. With the livestock disappearing as well, and the plantlife failing, only a few inhabitants remain willing to stand by their town until the very end. Now, a Fox Demon and a Magic Swordsman is the last line of defense before the irreversible occurs. Ready to brave the mythical forest Divinity’s Playground and unconver its secret, Ozma and Ry travel to Neria, and prepare for their greatest battle yet in this epic RPG Platformer!

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Review RSS Feed Add review blackbiscuit456 says
7 blackbiscuit456

We did a playthrough of your game and enjoyed it. look forward to seeing the next chapter

ashgamer006 says
10 ashgamer006

Very Good

Patapondon says
10 Patapondon

It is realy cool game!

TheDarkZombies says
1 TheDarkZombies


masterpctech says
7 masterpctech

A good start. Smoother gameplay and animations will go a long way to making this a really enjoyable side-scroller. Glad you decided to give your characters some humor and wit.

VladTepesdracula says
10 VladTepesdracula

The animation is gorgeous and the gameplay is very smooth. The artwork is beautiful and the music is enjoyable.

Give this one a chance. It's likely this could be a nice timesink.

SimonGoatbeard says
8 SimonGoatbeard

I really like gameplay, but would be good if any fullscreen would be implemented. Game is just too small to see on 1600x900 screen. Game is awesome. Keep it up!

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1 Guest

Oct 22nd, 2017

No review provided

SrZir0 says
5 SrZir0

Jul 8th, 2016

No review provided

darkpactw says
10 darkpactw

Jun 21st, 2016

No review provided

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