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4/26/2015-Hi Guys! Tristan here, creator of the game! Just so you know there is sadly a delay in the new build becoming available and I guess I have to wait for it to be approved before you guys can play it! I'm hoping that will be very soon!

Mysterious kidnappings have begun in the town of Neria, and deep within the heart of its forest, lies an underground city where a grand scheme of godlike proportions is unfolding and threatens to obliterate an entire region. With the livestock disappearing as well, and the plantlife failing, only a few inhabitants remain willing to stand by their town until the very end. Now, a Fox Demon and a Magic Swordsman is the last line of defense before the irreversible occurs. Ready to brave the mythical forest Divinity’s Playground and unconver its secret, Ozma and Ry travel to Neria, and prepare for their greatest battle yet in this epic RPG Platformer!

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