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Swift*Stitch is a game about going fast, taking the right route and trying not to crash.

Review RSS Feed AndyBrown87 says
10 AndyBrown87

Great gameplay mechanics, it's a lot funner than I thought it was going to be when I first saw the screen shots, great music too!

Cycle says
10 Cycle

This is a brilliant.. what is it? An abstract driving puzzle game? Well whatever it is, it's damn clever.

As you can see, it's very difficult to describe. Basically, your little ship continuously moves. The only thing you can do is click mouse buttons. One will make you move downwards, another will slow down time. It may sound limiting, but the creator continues to build on this bizarre control scheme in ingenious ways. Maybe you'll hit a barrier that will reverse the directions, or another that will make you move in the shape of a circle, and so on.

What you end up with is a game that requires both quick reflexes and quick thinking. You have to quickly adapt to new controls and figure out how to best use your restricted movement to navigate the environment, lest you rocket into a wall.

It's clear a lot of thought went into this game. I was hooked on it for a while. The bonus modes and soundtrack are great, too.

IronArcturus says
9 IronArcturus

Very fun vector game! Reminds me of a puzzle version of Asteroids!

brainsync says
10 brainsync

Brilliant and addictive! Even my girlfriend loves it - before that game she didn´t even know, that computers can be used for gaming... So - well done! :)

lalle2015 says
10 lalle2015

my first (and so far only) 10 point review. Incredibly simple to learn yet challenging to master.

TheGexon38 says
10 TheGexon38

The best and hardest game in world! I'm playing it already full year and still want to play more! (Sorry for my English)

Oddity says
10 Oddity

Simple but awesome game with an even better soundtrack. Highly recommend it.

eraggo says
8 eraggo

Addiction has been renamed... uhm... i must get better on endless.

Thank you for giving me game i can take some time on. I'll buy the game soonish.

And if devs read: make more (harder) levels.. seems after completing maybe too easy demo levels the game get boring. Introducing whole concespt(ish) of the game, maybe?

ovan says
10 ovan

old style game what I love!

think this game is for slackware, reflect their philosophy of simple and effective
but he have little short time game

DaVinMan says
5 DaVinMan

Music is nice, sound effects are nice, play area is nice, configuration is seamless and just works. However, game mechanics are awkward. Sudden introduction of arcs makes for harsh experience. Needs controller support.

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