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Survivors of Ragnarök is a city-building-management-survival game inspired by Dwarf Fortress. Manage, create, and survive through dynamic and deadly worlds. Losing is a fundamental core aspect of design.

Let's talk about biomes.


Let's talk about biomes.

Biomes are a pretty big deal in procedurally generated games and they will be a really big deal when it comes to Survivors of Ragnarok as well. I've thought about setting up the biomes to be small chunks...

Jul 17, 2013 News
We're Back


We're Back

There is no excuse for such a long break from updates, but our supporters should know why we haven’t updated.

Jun 15, 2013 News
Survivors of Ragnarök - Killing Bugs (Alpha 26)


Survivors of Ragnarök - Killing Bugs (Alpha 26)

Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zapping away! Now replace the Z's with F's....

Feb 21, 2013 News
Survivors of Ragnarök - Five Cubed (Alpha 25)


Survivors of Ragnarök - Five Cubed (Alpha 25)

Happy Belated End of the World, Winter's Celebration, and Gregorian Calender New Year.

Jan 6, 2013 News
Survivors of Ragnarök - Ragnarok Report 11.15.12


Survivors of Ragnarök - Ragnarok Report 11.15.12

Work in progress everywhere! Redesigned dwarf UI and activity zones.

Nov 15, 2012 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 771)
Aarkreinsil Jan 6 2015, 8:49pm said:

This was the first game I ever got on Desura. Now it's 4 years later and it's still a content-free mess of pre-alpha-ness.

They should really take this off the store at this point.

+5 votes     reply to
MetroCap Dec 29 2014, 10:36pm said:

best chicken simulator

+1 vote     reply to
intergang Dec 22 2014, 6:18pm said:

Actually the last update was Posted on February 6, 2014 on their website. I wouldn't respond here either you guys are just being Object suckers for the most part, so why should they?

That said, if you really just picked up the game, well pay more attention and as @SirPrimalform said, when you fund Alpha you know the risks, so bitch all day, but you knew them so nobody cares at that point, or much.

-2 votes     reply to
KasteHimself Aug 17 2014, 9:35pm said:

Am I allowed to get a refund for this sad excuse of a game?

+6 votes     reply to
Dizzlyn Oct 4 2014, 10:43am replied:

Nope, Desura doesn't care about us. I and many others have contacted them. They will neither give refunds nor remove the game.
I don't believe they even actually read your message, as in mine I VERY CLEARLY states that these devs have taken our money and ran, ignoring any attempt at contact. Desura's reply? "Not our problem, talk to the devs"

0 votes     reply to
SirPrimalform Dec 12 2014, 1:16am replied:

While I'm not exactly happy the game has been abandoned, Desura doesn't owe you a refund. When you alpha fund a game, what you see is what you get. What you bought was the game as it was at that point. Any updates are just a bonus, and sadly it would appear that this game won't be getting any more. Doesn't mean anyone owes you anything.

+3 votes     reply to
Kindlesmith Jun 14 2014, 9:02pm replied:

Careful with Steam. They've leaked some dodgey games too (one sthat are buggy, some that aren't worth the money they are sold at, some that are falsely reveiwed). Not as many, but they do get through occasionally.

Also direct you to a site where they discuss some questionable content and rights:

Half the people that I post a comment or review for delete my post. These people don't care for constructive critizm, only care to hear that their product is good the way it is, with no problems.
Don't be deceived that Steam is clean of rubbish.

+3 votes     reply to
TheOrigin79 Jul 12 2014, 1:18pm replied:

I contacted Desura for a refund for THIS game - and if not possile - simply take it down from the platform to prevent other gamers wasting their money. But they dont care.

So why should i care to get more games on this platform?

+5 votes     reply to
Kindlesmith Jul 13 2014, 1:36am replied:

But yeah. This game here has gone beyond reasonable. It's still listed here, in it's nonfunctional state. Lack of any kind of updates proves that this isn't a serious project. More like a hobby project (which can be dropped and picked up on a whim more than if this were worked on like a proper job). This is all personal guesswork though. It may still be in progress, but on a far slower, less serious pace than is anticipated.
I hope people have a decent enough intellect to look at what they buy before impulse buying and getting ragey. This doesn't help the player community either.
For most that I have read here, they've been on the waiting boat for a very long time.
I am looking at this from several angles.
Personal view, This game should come with an obvious statement that it's progress has temporarily stopped, when it stopped getting updates, and possibly put it on a temporary non-purchaseable state until it gets a proper update.
It would be nice if Desura had some better management on unfinished content that sits in stasis for too long and still is listed as available for purchase. Doesn't have to remove the game from their drives, but making it impossible to purchase would be a nice incentive for devs to get their Object moving, or drop the project altogether (regardless of situations). - it's a business. Object happens. Many games never see light of day. If you can't keep up, ship out. General work ethic for AAA companies. If they are seriously intent on getting their game out there, they can easily retry and re-posting their project back up once it's further in development. I make it sound easier than it probably is, but it may help the player community a little more.

+1 vote     reply to
Kindlesmith Jul 13 2014, 1:13am replied:

Completely your choice. In all honesty, I prefer to get my games that are not linked to these sort of places. DRM free is the way to go. I'll still make use of Desura and Steam as there are a few gems I actually like that you can only get there.
It might even be a better idea to never prepurchase or "invest" in development games. Money spent elsewhere until a game's full completion is money spent wiser (more or less). Unless of course you have money to burn and don't mind investing. To each their own.

0 votes     reply to
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