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WARNING: This is Pre-alpha!
Special release hidden for now because it caused release problems.
Experience flying pigs!

You Wake up to find yourself on a island where there is no way out... You play as a survivalist that has survived out in the wilderness for so long and now is on a massive island you can explore the smallest of parts in the world caves mountains or even dungeons! You start off with a gun with no ammo and some planks of wood in your camps stockpile. You can build a shelter to survive in. Build massive forts! Fight off the evil animals waiting for you. Hunt for food! Drink out of rivers and streams and not out of the sea! Get into safezones and gear up! Buy ammo and other items for your character! Even sell weapons and supplies you have found for gold and food!

3 Lupite_

Its a good ideia!God job

K4syCZ says
10 K4syCZ


ToxicWolfz says
10 ToxicWolfz

wooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome game guys keep the updates comin

whyustilltalkin says
7 whyustilltalkin

pretty cool im not gunna play much till it updated still cool

PumpedGuy says
4 PumpedGuy

I know it's in pre-alfa, but the only thing there is to this game is trees and weird gun sounds. 4/10

a2bradjan says
1 a2bradjan

Terrible game. It looks like the developers decided to slap together a generated terrain with some pre-made guns and called it a game. It's god awful and there's nothing to do.

EggStriker says
4 EggStriker

the game dont stard for me :/

SwagedySwagYOLO says
10 SwagedySwagYOLO

I really like where this game is going.

Vidocq87 says
1 Vidocq87

ugh not another so called survival game with automatic weapons :(

chickenslayergaming says
10 chickenslayergaming

It's a nice game!

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