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Super Cyborg is an oldschool nonstop hardcore run'n'gun action! You play as battle cyborg who was sent to investigate a mysterious island. A very powerful alien known as 'Xirxul life form' has been awakened by the scientists and now all humanity is in danger! Rush through 7 levels filled with countless monsters and creatures. Destroy everything that moves! 8-bit stylized pixelart graphics combined with awesome chiptune soundtrack creates a perfect atmosphere for the bio-sci-fi setting. Game has 3 difficulty levels (hard mode is unlockable) and local coop mode.

Review RSS Feed Add review Cyttorak says
10 Cyttorak

So much love is put on this game. I just reached third level and I played with a smile all the time. Really a great job and a must have for anyone which enjoys Contra and/or Super Contra. It just rocks!

recoveryking says
10 recoveryking

This is a true old school shooter. Great game. It is a tough game even on easy but that is the only negative I see, but is that even a negative thing because thats how games use to be. I love Contra and this game could be the seccessor to Super C. It's a nes game on steroids. Love and recommend to all. I would have paid more for this game its truely a old school masterpiece! 10/10

snip_es says
9 snip_es

Colorful oldstyle NES-graphics, classic hard gameplay, 2 players and great darkman007 music. 9/10

eryson says
10 eryson

An excellent soundtrack, impressive original art, Hellish 8-bit era difficult, and a Awesome ending. Its High-overall game.

mmm1987mmm says
10 mmm1987mmm

Best "Contra" game ever! I have so much fun playing this :) Fer and challenging. Awesome!!! :)

node357 says
8 node357

fantastic side-scrolling shooter much in the vein of Contra and uh, Super Contra! while much will be familiar and nostalgic to those who played the games Super Cyborg is clearly inspired by, there's a lot of originality and surprises to be found here. if you're a Contra fan who's been dying for a new entry that doesn't suck, Super Cyborg will definitely please you. Surprisingly smart enemies and a challenge a little above your typical Contra series game, with great "retro" visuals and an impressive soundtrack make Super Cyborg a must-play for NES gaming vets and "retro" fans alike. now go get your Spread Shot on and lay down a little intergalactic diplomacy!

NOTE: i happened to encounter a "memory access violation" error when first trying to run this game. both the developer and Desura helped me get it fixed. the main solution is to add the game to Windows DEP exceptions list. that stands for "Data Execution Prevention", and some older games, or ones compiled with legacy tools can trigger a false alarm. for more information, use a search engine to look up "Data Execution Prevention".

666gonzo666 says
9 666gonzo666

New contralike game - always good thig. Great, fast gameplay, mechanics work fine, and game has nice '80 graphic. Good craft work.

Cloud51023 says
10 Cloud51023

Nostalyia of Contra.

kaicooper says
9 kaicooper

Super Cyborg Menu theme starts
u'll relize this game gonna Kickass

this game is the real Contra and can beats all Contra games
the best ever

F-Pina says
10 F-Pina


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