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Sumo Battle 3D is a wacky multi-platform 3D game, delivering fun and intense one-button gameplay for up to four people on a single PC!
Get your SUMO RAGE on and throw yourself in an intense battle for glory and points with your friends.

Fun includes:

Three gameplay modes:
Sumo Battle - Battle with your friends or against bots for points by throwing opponents off the arena with your mighty belly!
Survival Mode - Survive an ambush by the fierce Sumo Ninjas! How many opponents can you throw out before your lives run out?
Sushi Hunt - Time is running out! Get each new sushi to reset the clock. But beware - with the rise of tension rises the speed of the game. Do you think you have quick reflexes? Let's see!

Four characters to choose from, each with their unique styles and goofy voices.
Four more sumo characters, unlockable by certain achievements in the different game modes.

Sumo Battle now for Android!


Sumo Battle now for Android!

Sumo Battle is now out for Android as well. Get it for your mobile phone or tablet!

Mar 6, 2012  
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