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This is a game where you control a ball that wishes to reach the sky. To help it achieve it's dream, you must complete a series of levels while collecting items. In a world of cubes and puzzles, you must be skillful or you will perish in the attempt.

Es un juego donde controlas una pelota que desea lograr llegar al cielo para lograrlo debemos pasar una series niveles recolectando unos item en un mundo de cubos y rompecabezas debes tener destreza para lograrlo y no morir en el intento.

Soporte xbox control/Supports Xbox controller
Música 8bits/8 bit Music
30 Niveles/30 Levels

La historia / The Story
In a world where there were only boxes, one fell near a blue diamond and transformed into a ball. Now, in order to become a box again, it must collect all the white items to reach the blue diamond in the sky.

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