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Real Time Strategy

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That is a game, played by a very old race which call themself "the gods"' As they realized, that there is nothing more to explore, they begann to create their own life' It was very interesting for them to see how the creatures grow up and they begann to start a game to see, which spezie will survive''' the swarm: Once trapped in a lonely galaxy and shielded by "the gods", "the creature" has escaped and is now searching for the homeworld of its slaughterer' On its way, "the creature" has found many species, which were assimilated into "the swarm"' the Terrans: Always fighting each other and ever searching for new technics to kill and explore' However they made it far and traveled into deep space to find other species and to found out, what that "energy anomaly" is' the gifted: Raised by "the gods" they have become a very powerful race which is cut in "the Templer" and "the Worrier"' While "the...

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  • tactican officer
  • Hydra in action
  • Hydranit in action
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Comments  (0 - 10 of 92)
Tarrker Dec 16 2010, 2:13am said:

Sorry for the wordiness of my previous post but it's a subject that is very close to home for me. I just had to post a second comment. After reading my first it really felt like a flame. I was just trying to help the dev team tbh. The idea sounds pretty original despite the obvious existing influences they named. And just in case the devs see this: Don't get discouraged by naysayers. Don't let compliments ruin the polish of your work. Take criticism to heart and never give up on your dreams.

+2 votes     reply to
Tarrker Dec 16 2010, 2:00am said:

The one creature looks just like a Hydralisk and if you say any different you are just fooling yourself. It's not that hard to come up with an original looking, sci-fi, bug-like creature. Just look at all the zillions of games that already have these. For that matter, the whole futuristic, space, sci-fi setting has been DONE TO DEATH. If the developer's game mechanics are solid then the setting and visuals themselves shouldn't matter at all. And, to be honest, the game itself would probably be received much better by gamers if they picked a more fresh setting altogether. I know, of coarse, this isn't always possible. You have an artist or a set of artists and designers and they work within the medium that is the most familiar to them.

On this note I would just like to take the time to say that I've noticed 90% of the comments on this site are just stupidly positive. True criticism is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the creative process. I had a bit of game dev experience back in the days of Quake with a now dead company called Catsoft. Too often I saw games with poorly implemented mechanics or even straight out copy right infringement just get straight published because, "Well gosh! Everyone says it's great!" but think about who "everyone" is. Coworkers and family members. Then it gets out to the playtesters or worse, the public and we're back in development for another YEAR or sued. This is what eventually killed Catsoft.

It's ok to tell a dev that you love their product. You SHOULD praise them for what they do right. But PLEASE don't go around saying it's the greatest just because you enjoy playing the game. In the end this is worse than the people who just flame. If someone just goes around say "This is the worst game evar and it sucks balls." you at least know they are just a douche bag. But when 90% of your community says nothing but "This is the most amazing thing ever and I can't wait to play it." you start to think they are right. ;)

+2 votes     reply to
Typhaaris Jun 24 2010, 3:06pm said:

s1 hacked my account ive never been here b4

+2 votes     reply to
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 26 2010, 4:35am said:

Okay, this looks good so if this guy kills this because of you Douche Bags sayin its a rip. Just stop.

+2 votes     reply to
FlySpyGuy Sep 2 2009, 4:18pm said:

Dude. It's not the Zerg, just cuzz it looks EXACTLY like a Hydralisk shooting out of the ground doesn't mean it's the same thing. It's obviously the Swarm from their completley non-rippoff game. (this post was mainly meant to be funny, not insulting).

+2 votes     reply to
FlySpyGuy Sep 2 2009, 4:17pm said:

Dangit, it won't let me post the above post in reply to what DeathStrider45 said down there. Oh well...

+2 votes     reply to
Gnostic Jan 13 2009, 6:40pm said:

Looks like zerg. But hey. If it plays better than SC (because sc is dated and boring) than all for it

-2 votes     reply to
Typhaaris Feb 9 2008, 11:42am said:

sory i diddent mean no i meant *not*

+2 votes     reply to
Typhaaris Feb 9 2008, 11:41am said:

erm Bagahnoodles y know what i think that hydralisks DO actually shoot acid if no what then also i think this mod is DEAD c|x

+2 votes     reply to
FlySpyGuy Sep 2 2009, 4:15pm replied:

I think technically, they shoot hydrolically launched spikes, but whatever :)

+2 votes     reply to
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