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Star-Twine is an abstract real-time strategy game in which you control a point of light created by a dying star. Battles unfold on sprawling three-dimensional maps as you collect energy and build structures to attack your opponent. Chill out to the atmospheric visuals and soundtrack as you plan your next move.

Star-Twine includes a single player campaign, skirmish mode, and multiplayer (online or LAN).

Star-Twine is a game of positioning and timing. Energy Nodes are used to collect resources, Turrets fire at the enemy, Black Holes absorb nearby projectiles, Sentinels stake out territory and Missile Launchers deal massive damage to an area. Through building these simple structures, many different strategies emerge.

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The game is dead? No! (AgentFire 5 months ago)

If Anyone Still Plays...


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Simple strategy tutorial (tziii 3 years ago)

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Star-Twine on Linux (woflox 3 years ago)

Star Twine Won't Start

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