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You have crash landed on a mysterious alien planet. Everything is now a life or death decision, Do you have what it takes to survive?

Chances are stacked against you, but don't give up. You are most likely the last man alive, literally. It is up to you and you alone to do what you must to stay alive. With enough perseverance, you can colonize this uncharted planet for mankind, but be wary for you might not be as alone as you think...

RSS Feed Desura Spacebit 0.4.0 released

Hello everyone! Sorry for a little delay, the spaceship system took up a lot more time than we assumed, but everything is going well and the majority of the spaceship core fundamentals are stable and ready for Desura.

Posted by SpaceBitDev on Apr 25th, 2012

Spacebit 0.4.0 Stable Desura Release


Hello everyone! Sorry for a little delay, the spaceship system took up a lot more time than we assumed, but everything is going well and the majority of the spaceship core fundamentals are stable and ready for Desura. Like every major update for Desura, we will post mass amounts of information to help you understand new mechanics and new changes made to Spacebit.


We hope to fix more problems we find with the spaceships and increase the spaceship UI for example adding a speed meter and height meter and many other spaceship only features.

Tips and Hints

Playing this stable version is very different from the current version on Desura. That's why we have the Tips and Hints section to help you with some of the things that changed in the game you would not have known prior to this massive update!

  • To build a Spaceship you need to use placement blocks as the foundation of your construction
  • Placement blocks can only be placed on Dirt
  • Spaceships only move forward
  • Spaceships have a fixed rotation and max speed
  • Spaceships can fly to other planets in your solar system
  • Enter your spaceship by pressing E
  • Once inside press Spacebar to lift up into the sky
  • Press Spacebar while in the sky to land
  • Press E once landed to exit the spaceship

Jeno's Art Development Section

Jeno is the 2D Artist behind the art you see in the inventory and action bars etc. We decided to showcase the mass amount of work and effort he puts into his artwork!! Take it away Jeno!

Note by Jeno: As with last time, i will make a nice compilation and put it over in the images section, consisting of higher res images of what are very small things in the game :)

Jeno's Art Compilation 2

Team and Development News

The team has been working well. We have been doing a lot of work. Jeno has been a busy bee working on item art while also finishing his uni assignments for his classes (note by Jeno: which is 3D, programming, PreProduction and physics programming)! Thomas has ordered a new Drawing pad to do some hand drawn master pieces, after sadly his old one was thrown in the fires of Morodor by Frodo!

The new secret music composer is still hiding in the depths of a top-secret Spacebit planet, conducting amazing new music, designed for the atmosphere of Spacebit. We have a feeling he could be unleashing a whole bunch of new Music to be displayed this week so stay tuned, as it will be a very loud update this week!

Full Change Log


  • - Monsters now become idle when flying spaceship
  • - Spaceship does not effect Global ambiance light anymore
  • - Added Time at top middle of screen when flying spaceship
  • - Monsters and Aliens dont move onto space anymore
  • - Fixed changing options menu settings and loading new changes
  • - Added new Tier purple planet with new trees and grass etc
  • - Added new lizard animal that spawns during daytime
  • - Fixed many small bug and issues
  • - You cannot teleport to ship by pressing E anymore
  • - Fixed a issue making spaceship to not position properly
  • - Cannot place spaceship blocks ontop of each other anymore
  • - Ship now positions correctly on the screen
  • - Ship rotates correctly
  • - Alien and Normal planet tiers now generate properly
  • - Fixed some issues with UI when flying spaceship
  • - Gold and Grass turns to dirt if you mine it and doesent reduce 1 level
  • - Placing dirt over grass or gold turns it into gold and doesent increase by 1 level
  • - Added motion sound to spaceship for Thrusters
  • - Added 3 new items which you start with for spaceship construction
  • - Hull, Engine, Cockpit
  • - Drop placement blocks onto the ground to place Spaceship parts now
  • - Planets and moons now display correctly
  • - Explore randomized planets scattered over the universe
  • - Only Alien Tier planets added
  • - Added Alien Sheep which drops wool
  • - Added wool, Stinger, Honey, Scales, Fang, Perfect Wing, Broken Wing
  • - Increase Experienced gain from different animals and monsters
  • - bow now does 4 dmg increased from 1
  • - half fixed a problem with edge of the planets duplicating Bottom and Right side still having issues
  • - changed animal drops rates a little, monsters no longer drop meat, bees no longer drop meat, but bees do drop honey
  • - Added Alien Tier planets (testing not official)
  • - Added Spiked Mace which does 30 damage and has a speed of 50
  • - Fixed lighting
  • - Added bow and arrows
  • - Added Demon Armour
  • - Added Dark Hood
  • - Fixed some bugs
  • - Proparing new lighting and effects which will be on next version

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