Your island has been invaded by aliens during the night, take your shotgun, and kick them out!

Snorms is a top-view & isometric shooter with loads of weapons, maps and monsters. You play a soldier resting on his native island, but it is quickly overrun by monsters from outer space and no outside help is available. You put on your armor, take your shotgun and go to find out what happened at the peril of your life.

Snorms features: player leveling, weapon upgrading, 41 maps (3 episodes), 4 difficulty settings, achievements, 22 enemies, 14 weapons, hours of shooting,...

If you have bought the game on Desura, you will get the full Android version (Alien Blitz) for free! Just click the Connect button on this page, and follow the procedure.

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Posted by haedri on Apr 5th, 2012

Hi everyone!

Snorms has been update to version 0.1b300, the main new feature being the level editor!

Level editor

The level editor is the one I use to create levels, so it includes exactly the same features.
An option has also been added to Snorms to load these levels (after selecting save slot). Don't hesitate: create levels, share them, and play them!

In order to help level creation I have also made a small tutorial to create a very simple map, it should be enough to know the basics of level creation, and contains information on making bigger levels.

Download the tutorial here.

Download the editor demo level here (the file should be extracted in the custom directory of the level save directory, see tutorial for help).

Other features include:


There are 3 barrels: poison, fire and explosive. Episode 1 levels have been updated to include them.


Weapon leveling

The weapons are no longer automatically upgraded; you can now upgrade them manually. Increasing their level will increase all their characteristics.
If you load an old save, the weapons will be automatically upgraded to their previous level, so that you don't loose anything.

As it costs money to upgrade weapons, you will now get more money when completing levels.


The stamina is now more useful; pressing the shift key while shooting will increase reload time and increase damage! Of course it will use stamina, so you can't do it forever.


The armor is now more useful than before, it will reduce damage taken as well as absorbing damage. For example, if you take 100 hit points, 30 hit points will be removed, 40 will be absorbed by the armor (reducing armor), and 30 will hit you (lowering life).


Checkpoints are now placed earlier in the level, making them more useful, and reducing game difficulty. Furthermore they are now free the first time you use them, and the price will increase slower than before.


  • New option setting, auto jump sensitivity
  • Global map, maps you have not discovered yet are now shown as Locked
  • Episode 2 content has been disabled, so even if you put monsters from episode 2 using level editor, they will not activate
  • Bug corrections and level updates

Have fun! If everything is fine, next update should be episode 2!


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