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Create and build your own Call Center in Smooth Operators. Develop client relationships while balancing your financials and workload. Plan an efficient operation through micro management of your workforce while achieving objectives.
Can you create a successful operation?

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Review RSS Feed Aarkreinsil says
10 Aarkreinsil

At first I thought it didnt look like much, but right when you start it up it sets the atmosphere right.
It's obvious that the devs put a lot of ♥ into this game, theres a ton of little details and for the price it's really delivering all of its promises.

Even if its just for the sake of getting more of this, seeing the revival of classics like SimTower, I'd say buy it.

pantong says
8 pantong

Sips_ sent me here... Thank you

trojanzebra97 says
10 trojanzebra97

This is a fantastic game!

10110011 says
8 10110011

I own this on Xbox arcade and it is great! If you like time management games check it out. Very fun, charming atmosphere, easy to pick up, but with more depth than you might realize. I couldn't really advance until I actually started to study the daily stats to try to increase my business volume and raise my income.

Robbin505 says
8 Robbin505

I find this game very captivating. I cannot stop sometimes. My problem with it is the lack of explanations on how to run things. It seems just pure hit and miss, trial and error gameplay. I think that can be a little off putting but overall I enjoy the management simulation.

williamwm says
8 williamwm

If you liked SimTower and have ever worked in a call center, this game is for you.

The developer has taken an excellent concept and done what he could with it.

In order to justify a 10 it would need a bit more polish and better feedback to the player about what is going down.

yraias says
10 yraias

Fun to play with simple mechanics and a dash of humor. The soundtrack is awesome and very pleasant to the ears. Definitely worth it.

IndigoAsari says
10 IndigoAsari

its awesome

queenymidas says
7 queenymidas

This game is fun to play while doing something else. All you have to do is occasionally check in to hire new employees and manage the building, and you could be cooking, watching TV, or doing a hundred other things at the same time. Even in the highest speed setting, the 24-hour days of office life crawl by as slowly as it does in the real world. With a strange distribution of gender and a notable lack of racial diversity, HR's role in the game seems ironic. There are infusions of good humor here and there, but this simulation lacks thrill or consequence and can often lead you into a rut.

eVoPhantom says
4 eVoPhantom

It's ok, not much to it really expected a bit more. I got the impression the game was under development and that more features were coming. Retaining staff becomes a chore and there doesn't appear to be that much you can do about it.

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