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Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game where players can join together to build air ships(cannons and all!) and do battle across a vast world procedural world full of relics and machines from another age waiting to be plundered by daring sky captains and their motley crew.

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It's been a busy 3 weeks with attending Insomnia 51 and being Greenlit. But Update 0.25 is out and it contains the worlds greatest economic thinker: Merchant Cat.

Posted by MrBenjammin on May 5th, 2014

What a hectic 3 weeks since the last update! I attended Insomnia 51 where I showed off Sky Nations to the public in the indie zone then shortly after Sky Nations got Greenlit! But Update 0.25 is here and the inter-dimensional travelling merchant who also happens to be a Cat has arrived.†


Merchant Cat travels servers with randomized goods for sale for everyone who might wander across him. He also allows you to sell him a huge selection of items in return for Coins. You can then spend your new found riches in his shop or use it as a more legitimized currency for trading with other players. This means you can trade in your surplus materials and captured loot for things you actually want and should hopefully reduce the grind dramatically overall in the game. He'll jump to a new location every 30 minutes and his loot will be randomized again. If he should jump within 1000 metres of you, you will receive a message in chat telling you he is nearby. Those that wish to seek him out themselves can do so via the World Map, where you can click his name and it will show you where he is. Beware of trying to steal from him!

This update also brings a couple of major bug fixes and quality of life changes such as a fix for blocks retaining collision after they were mined in some cases, Crates and Mass Gens now drop all of their contents when destroyed and you are now able to turn Mass Gens on and off to conserve fuel. For a full list of the changes see the change log below.†

As a quick note: Merchant Cat is not fully finished. His Trade Stations need some holographic effects and his prices will likely need balancing as we see how it plays out.

To update the client as usual, just run the launcher and it will automatically bring you up to date. The server files will be release shortly after I've weeded out any major problems with it from the update.†

Change Log


  • Added Merchant Cat. The travelling sales cat! Merchant Cat will freely travel around maps jumping to a different portion of the map every 30 minutes and roaming. You can find him on the World Map by clicking Merchant. If he happens to jump within 1000 metres of you, you will be alerted to his presence so you can go grab stuff from him. Attacking Merchant Cat has a heavy penalty, so watch out!
  • Priced all relevant items in the game.
  • Added Green Lantern in celebration of being Greenlit!
  • Added Coins. Currency used by NPCs and also a staple item for player trading that has a worth.
  • Added Trade Stations which can be found on Merchant Catís ship. They sell 61 possible items. Each has 4 randomized item slots for sale. You can also sell most items to a Trade Station in return for Coins. However some items including those gained from the Reset Block are not sellable.
  • Crates now drop their contents when destroyed.
  • Mass Generators now drop their contents when destroyed.
  • Added a progress bar to Mass Generator UI to show current usage of burning fuel.
    You can now turn off and on Mass Generators. They will continue to burn through the fuel they have consumed then stop producing power when it runs out if it is switched off. How much power is left in a consumed fuel item is shown by a progress bar.
  • Leafy Soup boon has been changed so you lose if you take damage. So you canít tank damage with it as itís meant as a recovery item not a prolonged life.
  • Added better emissive lighting support for voxel models to the game engine.
  • Removed Greenlight banner. We got Greenlit. Wooooo!
  • Blue lanterns are now gainable again through Trade Stations.
  • Map loop around with ships has been temporarily disabled for the moment due to a difficult to address bug.
  • Added a boon for Admin teleports and brings. This will ensure laggy players are teleported without death or falling through objects in most cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision not being removed for blocks in some instances, ships would not be able to move into some areas after mining them until the area was reloaded. This was true for items colliding too.
  • Fixed a bug where you could mount to a repeater while also steering.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be moved backward while mounting a repeater when the ship is moving.
  • Fixed mounted repeaters not shooting through block spaces occupied by open doors.
  • Fixed Chat log recording duplicates of player messages in Scripts.
  • Fixed description text running off the panel horizontally in the Inventory.
  • Fixed SkinExample being the wrong size after the texture changes from the last patch causing a crash when you switched to it.
  • Fixed the teleport messages being the wrong way around for /bring.
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theguyswhogamesalot May 18 2014, 6:56pm said:

Nice! It would be cool if players could make their own shops too.

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