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Sky Alchemist is a steampunk tower-defense inspired puzzle game. If you feel like building intricate mazes is the fun part of tower defense, or you're just interested in a game with slightly more nuanced gameplay than "Shoot 'em Till They're Dead", then Sky Alchemist is for you. In Sky Alchemist you transform the 58 unique matter types by heating, cooling and breaking into a pure form. The intelligent scenario engine produces thousands of unique missions to challenge you with as you learn to become an Alchemist. Sky Alchemist is hopefully the first of several games in the world of Sky; future games will feature exploration, tactical and strategic airship combat, and more. Buy Sky Alchemist to help bring this world into reality!

Review RSS Feed gtmac says
5 gtmac

This game has great potential, but it feels half finished.

Pros: I love the art and theme. What limited story there is is interesting. The base mechanics are creative and allow for emergent gameplay. Many of the tools provided are well balanced.

Cons: Often very repetitive. It appears design choices were made to promote realism over fun that add to the potential for tedium. Not enough story in the beginning and none at all during the regular gameplay. What appears to be the primary goal of the game unfolds very slowly. Also the game is a bit of a resource hog.

I sincerely hope that a lot of this stuff is examined in a patch release. I would love to be playing this game for a long time to come.

TeAnau says
10 TeAnau

Highly addictive - even though some matter seems to escape inexplicably now and then. Great idea and lovely graphics.

captain_carrot says
9 captain_carrot

A couple of glitches, but a fun, original game! definitely worth the investment!

soundlogic says
10 soundlogic

Sep 17th, 2013

No review provided

mik3k says
10 mik3k

Aug 10th, 2012

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stampp says
10 stampp

Jul 21st, 2012

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Whathis85410 says
10 Whathis85410

Jul 5th, 2012

No review provided

jp3d81 says
10 jp3d81

Jun 12th, 2012

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b00fh says
10 b00fh

Jun 12th, 2012

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Liosan says
10 Liosan

Jun 3rd, 2012

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