Pick up your rifle and join the Green or Grey army in their mission to send the enemy home in a box! RUNNING WITH RIFLES is an open world, top-down, tactical shooter for single player and multiplayer online, that puts you right in the middle of chaos in towns, trenches and forests turned into ruthless battlefields, controlling just one soldier in an army of several hundreds.

In a war where men die like flies and endless streams of reinforcements run to fill the void, it takes tactics and marksmanship to capture territories effectively. The open world nature of the game enables you to use a multitude of approaches to help the front line move – it's up to you to shape your role. Experience the complete arc starting as a private hardening into a high ranking officer with a squad under command, arming yourself with a variety of weapons and vehicles on your way to glory!

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Trophy panel, vehicle improvements, APC, 4th map finished, and Linux port coming out soon!

Posted by pasik on Oct 9th, 2012

0.73 is now out with plenty of improvements! Most importantly, a trophy panel is now shown in the menu, where you can view your total stats and badges you've earned. The new winter map has been pretty much finalized now, mostly the end bases went through bigger changes.

Vehicle steering has been improved, the sliding mechanics work again a lot better, and APC with a 40mm machine gun has been added in the vehicle set. Besides the driver, the vehicle features a gunner seat and 6 seats at the back for transporting a squad. For now, the vehicle makes most impact for online gaming, as the AI still lacks the ability to drive or use vehicle weapons. That, however, will be my next top priority in features to add, I'm sure I'm gonna have fun implementing it!

Beta 0.73

A few AI bugs has been located and fixed, most notably the "deserter" bug where occasionally even a somewhat big squad of soldiers decided to leave out to the edge of the map and just stay there, disabling them from the battle - thanks to Ivan for the savegames to investigate this one. AI balancing settings have been again touched, in hopes of making the last base battles less time consuming.

Other than that, I'm happy to say that the Linux port for RWR is coming along nicely! Graphics, apart from shaders, and sounds basically work already, so now it's just a question of fixing the rest of  graphics issues and studying what's the preferred way to distribute the game on Linux.

PIRATE_RedJ Oct 10 2012, 5:36pm said:

im not sure if this is because of the update or not but after i updated i tried playing but it keeps saying "error occured rock mesh h2 is missing"

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pasik Oct 10 2012, 5:51pm replied:

It is. There's an issue with the MCF update with some of the resource files, I'm looking into it with Desura support.

Meanwhile, you should use the standalone 0.73 installer, which should get approved by Desura really soon now.

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience!

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pasik Oct 12 2012, 8:22am replied:

0.73.1 update is now available.

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C4Bot Oct 10 2012, 8:31pm replied:

desura... >:(

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zeldar Oct 10 2012, 10:22pm said:


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