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Rooks Keep is a PC based, fantasy melee deathmatch/arena game. Best described as "UT with swords", players will battle it out in a selection of game-modes, across a variery of maps. The list of game-modes includes traditional Deathmatch and Team-Deathmatch, Conversion(kill your enemy to get them on your team), Combat and Classic Chess, and more. Players will get control of two factions of six characters each, based on traditional Chess archetypes(Pawn, Knight, etc) and engage in battles using a diversity of offensive and defensive abilities and skills. Pawns will be skewered, mighty Rooks will smash their opponents with massive clubs, and sinister Beasts will tear into their foes with tenacity. Games can be played solo against AI opponents, in LAN or online multiplayer or a combination. Up to 32 players are allowed in all non-Chess modes. Players will fight in detailed, full 3D environments that use the power of the Unreal® Development Kit. Mod support is intended for Rooks Keep.

  • October 2012
  • March 2013
  • Rooks Keep: Release
  • Rooks Keep: Release
  • Rooks Keep: Release
  • October 2012
  • Rooks Keep: Release
Video playthrough: GamersDissent


Video playthrough: GamersDissent

Some more Rooks Keep news today in the form of a quick playthough from youtuber, GamersDissent.

Jul 4, 2013 News
Review from Ordinary Gamer


Review from Ordinary Gamer

Hail all! We have a great review of Rooks Keep from Ordinary Gamer. Give it a read!

Jul 3, 2013 News
Rooks Keep: Demo release


Rooks Keep: Demo release

Hi there! Well, Rooks Keep has been available for a week now, so we found a bit of time to release the demo.

Jun 24, 2013 News
Rooks Keep released!


Rooks Keep released!

Rooks Keep has been released, and is available to buy right now, for $15.

Jun 18, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 62)
habitdasher#2 Jul 5 2014, 10:56pm said:

Not sure if it's been fixed yet but I downloaded the standalone and the 64-bit.exe doesn't work... nothing at all. It's a big download for me so I hope someone can clarify before I waste the download.

+1 vote     reply to
natostanco Jul 25 2014, 6:01am replied:

x64 simply does not work, they halted developing in favor of viscera cleanup (multiplayer does not work also)

+1 vote     reply to
MI57R0 Jun 16 2014, 6:38pm said:

This is the next game I am purchasing. Much love to you RuneStorm!

+1 vote     reply to
RuneStorm Mar 17 2014, 3:02am said:

Ok, yay! I got a response back from support, and they say they fixed it! :)
You'll need to reinstall the game apparently, to get the new settings.

Apologies this took so long, truly sorry :\

+1 vote     reply to
videogames10 Jul 23 2013, 4:15pm said:

RuneStorm, could you possibly get this game working via the Desura client? I have to keep reinstalling it. I'd prefer to play it through Desura so I can keep track of it as well as my other games and their updates. Thank you.

+5 votes     reply to
SkEyE Aug 12 2013, 7:38pm replied:

I second this, big time. The reverting to "Not Ready" in the Desura client after restart of client is an error on the developer's end. It almost always a problem with a script that has a mispelling or some other small error. This issue has manifested with several titles where the developer needs to correct the error and resubmit, then usually requires one final re-install for the users. This will continue be a giant hassle in this game until the developer addresses it, but it's been months.

+4 votes     reply to
SkEyE Oct 9 2013, 8:03am replied:

Are you out there, Developer? This is still a frustrating problem with your software - having to go through the re-install process between every Desura launch.

+1 vote     reply to
ZEROshift Aug 29 2013, 9:25pm replied:

Has the Dev. been on here at all? I am dissapointed that this problem has not been addressed -.-

+5 votes     reply to
RuneStorm Dec 9 2013, 2:13am replied:

Oh jesus, really sorry about missing this :\ I'm certain this was installing for us, so something must have gone wrong. Will see what I can do ASAP!!

Sorry once more.

+3 votes     reply to
RuneStorm Jan 6 2014, 12:17pm replied:

Just an update on this: I've been trying tons of **** to try and get it going, but so far no luck. Still gonna keep going though! Been pulling hair out over this one :\ Really doesn't help that our upload speed is about 20-40kb... Will keep you posted when I find the cure!

+2 votes     reply to
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I like this shot someone took in VCD: T.co Aug 15 2014, 2:48pm by arnrichert
Yep. Hate that shit, no good at it either, but that's practically all I'm doing these days. A completely worthless waste of time. Aug 15 2014, 2:13pm by darkcarnivour
RT @ArnRichert: Interesting trying to update VCD each week with @DarkCarnivour inundated with admin work and such. @LoganRichert has kept t… Aug 15 2014, 2:09pm by darkcarnivour
RT @VisceraCleanup: Well well, update v0.32 is live on Steam! Check here for the details: T.co Aug 15 2014, 11:58am by loganrichert
..on the code side, while I handle the content side of things. Aug 15 2014, 11:37am by arnrichert
Interesting trying to update VCD each week with @DarkCarnivour inundated with admin work and such. @LoganRichert has kept things going [1] Aug 15 2014, 11:36am by arnrichert
RT @VisceraCleanup: Well well, update v0.32 is live on Steam! Check here for the details: T.co Aug 15 2014, 11:33am by arnrichert
@s_wilby Is that from the game folder? Looks very alien. Aug 15 2014, 11:21am by arnrichert
You gotta hand it to blizzard, they sure know how to make a good cinematic trailer. Too bad about the actual game. T.co Aug 15 2014, 10:34am by loganrichert
Technically speaking it's just a simple quirk of the engine's rendering chain. Does look trippy though. Aug 14 2014, 8:57am by loganrichert
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