Rolling survival is a top down wave survival game with an upgrade tree. it really is as simple as that, you kill enemies to get experience and with that experience you can buy weapons, upgrades and additional health so that you can survive longer. On the map there are also teleporters which cost experience to use but can provide a quick escape. There are 3 modes: Classic, Arcade and Hardcore. Classic is the original concept for the game, you can take a bit of damage and you have access to all the upgrades. There are 28 unique upgrades split into 6 different trees, each one with a different purpose, whether mobility, damage or health it is up to your to try and find the tactics that suit you best. Arcade is a more symmetrical map, and you gain upgrades via powerups, you also have multiple lives without an upgrade. Hardcore is classic but much much much harder, you have less health and you get less experience per kill meaning you have to choose your upgrades much more sensibly.

RSS Feed Linux support and the unfortunate future of Rolling Survival

The Linux build of the game is up and working but the game file got corrupted in a crash and I cannot bear starting again.

Posted by simonheartscake on Jan 30th, 2013


The linux version of Rolling Survival is now live and working, unfortunately the resolution is locked at 720p, which was something that I was intending to but seems unlikely now (read second half of article). But the game works, and pretty well apart from a CPU spike during the tutorial level (that goes away if you shoot a few of the drones).  Apart from that though it seems to be working splendidly in 32 and 64bit :).

The Corruption and RS's future

So last night my game file corrupted, and I have no idea how to fix it, let me get more specific.... After building my Linux version of the game I shut down to launch my Ubuntu partition, anyway... as unity was saving during shutdown my laptop died. I think it may have been my faulty battery. Anyway when I relaunched the windows it said there was a disk error and it needed checking so I let it and it cleared away some corrupt parts of the disk. 
When I next launched unity (the engine I use to make RS) I was given an error that guidmapper (a file within the system of unity) was broken and I should delete it and relaunch unity, I didn't delete the file but i moved it to my desktop and relaunched unity. The folder than contained all my resources was empty (even though in the file system the files were still there).
Turns out this same thing has happened to all of my unity files. Nothing has been assigned so nothing has textures, models and all the script roots are marked as null. 

So I use dropbox to back up my files, the bitch of this being that when my guidmapper got corrupted  it synced the corrupted file meaning my backup is mashed as well.
I had one version on an external drive from back in November but i honestly cant bring myself to do the last 2 months again. This brings me to a summary, seeing as I have a good build out that seems to work and could act as a complete game that is what I am going to call it.

I cant bring myself to start from 3 months ago. The whole thing is still a bit raw but i am so angry with myself for using a sync to back up my game.

So angry at myself

d10sfan Jan 30 2013, 1:39pm said:

did you sign up for dropbox's rollback service? I've got it and if you do you can set your files back to before that happened

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simonheartscake Jan 30 2013, 1:58pm replied:

I didnt even know that existed, so unfortunately not :(

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d10sfan Jan 30 2013, 5:04pm replied:

ouch sorry to hear that :( good luck to you

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Lugonu Jan 31 2013, 9:06am replied:

Are you pretty sure dropbox cannot recover a previous version?

And if this does not work for you, I would try to contact with the dropbox support. Do not give up yet!

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quillyquillquill Jan 30 2013, 2:41pm said:

My sympathies... :(

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simonheartscake Jan 30 2013, 6:55pm replied:

thanks ... :/

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Eddward Jan 30 2013, 8:22pm said:


I don't know anything about unity so this may sound stupid. Does unity have files source files that you could compare against the November copy to see if you can repair or recover anything?

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ElBaron Jan 31 2013, 3:07am said:

Although I'm not a supporter of this game (I didn't buy a copy), I understand your pain as it has happened a lot to me.

This won't fix the problem now so please don't think of my next suggestion as putting salt on your wound: Live Drive is an online backup service with a roll-back/file versions of whatever you upload.

Their support is TERRIBLE but it might be offset by the generous amount of materials you get to upload and the file history/versions feature.

Other than that.... Hang in there, You'll figure something out for yourself and your fans :)

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johnpeat Feb 5 2013, 12:58pm said:

Just to be clear, Dropbox keeps infinite versions of your files- you can go back as far as you like through the Dropbox file browser (select file, choose 'Earlier Versions' and take anything you like)

Only problem is that Unity is a moody sunofabitch about keeping all the files in a project as a set - you need to get a complete 'matched' set of files for it to open and read them.

There are many articles online about how to rebuilt a Unity project tho - which files you need and which it will re-create. If your project was backed-up in Dropbox you CAN get it back - that's the WHOLE point of Dropbox...

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