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Help Thallos guide and rescue his people. Using special totem powers you can control nature itself unleashing its full fury on anyone that stands in your way. As you explore distant lands you must gather your lost tribes and Amulets. But be warned, other tribes may not take too kindly to your intentions and will put up a fight!

Created in homage to Populous, Reprisal's Universe spans over 34 planets and 184 islands pitting you against 3 other tribes - each with their own aggression traits. Learn to control the 15 totem powers, upgrading them as you explore and harness the 5 Wonder totems for maximum effect. In this Universe you won't be alone, other explorers will be present helping you to uncover items and leaving their own legacies on islands you will explore.

Reprisal - updating to Reprisal Universe


Reprisal - updating to Reprisal Universe

Reprisal is about to be updating to Reprisal Universe!

Sep 3, 2014 News
Reprisal Universe Beta r1 now live


Reprisal Universe Beta r1 now live

I'm looking for feedback on balance / AI and if it works!

Apr 29, 2014 News
Introducing the Universe


Introducing the Universe

The new version of Reprisal - Reprisal Universe - is adding a big chuck of exploration, collaboration and discovery. That's the aim.

Jan 28, 2014 News
Reprisal now free to play


Reprisal now free to play

A year after it’s release, Reprisal has now gone free to play!

Jun 14, 2013 News
Reprisal - Linux build beta ready for download!


Reprisal - Linux build beta ready for download!

Reprisal's new Linux version is ready to try out. This is a new completely stand alone version of Reprisal for Linux!

May 9, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 174)
Ekarious Sep 20 2014, 5:11am said:

Well, i tried to get my steam key going to collection page of desura but it says there is no steam key for this game... I'm on mac, i cannot install the client :/

If someone gets an idea :)

+1 vote     reply to
Anamnesis Sep 29 2014, 12:17pm replied:

Do you mean you can't install the Desura client? If so, just download the standalone version for Mac from the Downloads section on the right side of the page. If the standalone version won't work for you either, you should probably pm the developer for support.

EDIT: Ah, I get it. You mean you can't run the Desura client in order to find your Steam key, not in order to play the game! Sorry, misunderstood.

+1 vote     reply to
sva_h4cky0 Sep 18 2014, 3:45pm said:


i see litlle cute tux logo, but i cant find download link. any news on this?
i hope i can play this soon on steam too


+1 vote     reply to
iwanpompier Sep 15 2014, 6:50pm said:

do u also get a steam key when bought from indiegamestand?

+2 votes     reply to
iwanpompier Sep 15 2014, 7:09pm replied:

desura was not giving key using the site but it did work using the client

+3 votes     reply to
reprisaluniverse Sep 15 2014, 4:02pm said:

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the steam keys to appear! there's a number of thousand in the system but they dont seem to show up. I'm working on it!! In the mean time the stand alone Reprisal Universe builds are now downloadable here.

With regards to GOG keys, im afraid not as this is a new distributor. I promised Steam a year ago so have stuck to the promise ... will get them linked as soon as possible!!

+2 votes     reply to
reprisaluniverse Sep 15 2014, 4:32pm replied:

Steam keys now available, head to the collections page (http://www.desura.com/collection) then under Reprisal Universe choose 'Keys' and you can get a Steam key! :D

+2 votes     reply to
Wurzelkraft Sep 15 2014, 3:29pm said:

Hello! Is it possible to get a GOG key instead of a Steam key? :)

+2 votes     reply to
reprisaluniverse Sep 15 2014, 4:31pm replied:

Live now! Desura.com :D :D

+1 vote     reply to
eifelkenny Sep 15 2014, 4:32pm replied: Online

Yes I got it. Awesome :)

+1 vote     reply to
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Question: would you back a Kickstarter to convert Reprisal Universe for Tablets? :D @wearelast17 #indiedev T.co 9hours 40mins ago
@MemoriesIn8Bit sadly not I'm afraid, it really is only effective when on a single monitor :( 14hours 9mins ago
@Mentski :D it's been a long process! There's a dev blog here if yr interested T.co Sep 28 2014, 3:17pm
@Mentski Thanks, I was only there Sat arvo (work in week sadly) Was great atmosphere and real honor to be there :D Sep 28 2014, 3:07pm
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Afternoon, just to say Reprisal Universe 35.19 Steam update now live, other platforms next wk :D #indiedev T.co Sep 26 2014, 9:29am
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@Eddhannay smashing it, hope the Que wasn't too long :p also, note the minimal branding on the wall Sep 25 2014, 10:35am
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