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Renegade X is a tactical First and Third Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements, set in the Command & Conquer universe. It is a high quality award-winning free indie game being created on the Unreal Development Kit.

You can download the Renegade X Open Beta (multiplayer) at

10 cirex

Free and graphics are impossible, or at-least that is what these companies are telling us these days. Renegade-X will change this...

Aircraftkiller says
3 Aircraftkiller

I played through half of the campaign and suffered through two system lockups which required shutting down my computer via the power button. The graphics were pretty decent... Comparable to games from 2008-2009, but the overall (lack of) brightness makes it difficult to discern any details in their work. It seems pointless to me to put so much effort into environments and then make them so dark that you can't see what you're doing without jacking up the gamma in your video card control panel.

AI was pretty terrible. It was difficult to see who and what was attacking you and where it was coming from. Infantry combat didn't feel quite right.

On a technical aspect, the foliage looked good - the foliage that I could see, when it wasn't too dark around to see what I was looking at. The voice acting was pretty sub-par - didn't sound anywhere close to the level of professionalism that was in the Renegade voice clips. You can easily hear the difference when they're played side to side. It wasn't terrible, but definitely needed some work. Nowhere near as clear and crisp as the original audio from Renegade.

Here's hoping the MP release will be better. It was a good try, but really needs a lot of improvement - specifically in the stability area. Would love to continue playing past the sixth mission if I wasn't worried about system lockups being a continual problem.

Seal1908 says
10 Seal1908

No one else could do a better job. People complain, but your mod is much more than renegade already is. The ignorance of people who are spoiled by EA made games and others cant ignore the kind of entertainment this game will bring when multiplayer is released.

raen79 says
10 raen79

Although the ennemies are stupid :p I did enjoy the game, and that is what matters

Xari says
8 Xari

The campaign was quite generic with obviously amateur voice-acting, but I went into it with the mindset of considering it a tech demo for what is to come and which matters most: the multiplayer. The game was surprisingly polished and felt very responsive and fluid to play, something where a lot of games, definitely including commercial ones, fail. Handling of weapons work great, at first I was concerned about the generic 2 weapon limit but then considered that you never used more on one class in Renegade anyway. There are clear imbalances though which I'm sure will be addressed.

Overall - I'm psyched. I remember the days of having to circumvent the default login server to be able to play Renegade, but damn was it a special game. C&C was my first game ever and this all adds to the fact that this project has a special place in my heart!

Megumi says
6 Megumi

Nice, but there are too many bugs :(

mythdragn says
10 mythdragn

This is the most bloody awesome remake ever.
Plenty of random oneliners to keep you entertained, stunning graphics with the same old <improved> gameplay and weapons!
A.I. can be a bit retarded at times, but furthermore it was excellent and a perfect way to spend a few hours playing the best remake of my old time favorite game <3

Hopefully multiplayer will be equally as good :D

wdebonne says
10 wdebonne

Perfect !!

TheShadowHawk says
10 TheShadowHawk


Lucífer says
10 Lucífer

This is everything that is right with the modding scene and modding generation of today.

The contract that was signed in blood ensures its success, not that it even needed such a contract but souls are souls.

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