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Triage is a turn based, strategic, fully cooperative multi-player game. The game will automatically adjust the difficulty to accommodate up to four simultaneous players, but you can also play it entirely by yourself. Your task is to triage the Niola cluster that has suffered a violent outbreak of an unknown pathogen. While already cordoned off to prevent travel outside of it, and thus spreading the disease further, you may have to take drastic steps to cleanse the cluster entirely.

The objective of the game is to cleanse all four star clusters from diseases. You constantly have to balance your two most important assets, namely resources/credits and population. Are you willing to sacrifice the population of an entire planet in order to get the credits you need to make it through another turn? Don't worry, the game won't rush you, take as much time as you need to contemplate each turn but for every action there's inevitably a reaction.

Pax Regalia - Triage Released on Desura


Pax Regalia - Triage Released on Desura

A turn based, strategic, fully cooperative multi-player game and will automatically adjust the difficulty for more players.

Apr 25, 2012 News
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Rawhead Jun 15 2012, 9:40pm said:

Where do I get the Android version?

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DigitalEvolution Jun 16 2012, 3:21pm replied:

The android version is available for tablets on the regular Google play store. We decided to limit it to only tablets since the experience wasn't as pleasant on smaller screens.

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Carnival73 Jun 4 2012, 2:17am said:

Greets, just checking back in to see if we have an official manual or if there's been an update since April.

I uninstalled awhile back wating for the bugs to get worked out. =)

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DigitalEvolution Jun 8 2012, 1:44pm replied:

Greetings. There is an update coming, just waiting to collate some more beta testing data so it doesn't introduce any bugs. I've also received a handful of conflicting requests to make the game both easier and harder. Considering both but since they're about equal in amount I'll probably leave it as it is.

The only reproducible problem reported is the one you brought up about being booted back to the menu if you don't select a house before starting the game which can be avoided by selecting a house before starting the game. That particular (and rather silly) design mistake is rectified in the patch.

I have no plans on making a manual beyond the video tutorial accessible on the main menu since it covers all aspects of the game but if I get enough requests I'll definitely reconsider. If you feel something is missing from the tutorial and thus wanted that in the manual then please do shoot me a message and I'll expand the tutorial.

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nurgle523 Apr 28 2012, 7:07pm said:

Thank you. I've tried twice now and even made a game name of random typing and the same result. I am leaving my house for a bit but I will do what you mentioned. I will also record a video of exactly what I do to show 100% the result.

Thank you for being so kind and helpful.

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nurgle523 Apr 28 2012, 1:52am said:

I pick a House, start game, see icons on top and two on left, but the whole screen is black, and blank. I wait and nothing. I can play many many new games on high graphics. Pretty sure something is wrong here. Is this a common issue?

+1 vote     reply to
DigitalEvolution Apr 28 2012, 8:05am replied:

I'm sorry you've run into trouble, it's the first time I've seen a report about it. If it happens again and wasn't an isolated event then please do post in the support forums and I'll help you sort it out. If you can then please include the following information; if you're running the demo or the full version and your machine's specs (graphics card and operating system being the two most important). We'll get it going from there.

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DigitalEvolution Apr 26 2012, 5:39am said:


You're right about it being semi-online dependent. As it begins and you login it automagically downloads minor balancing tweaks and such without having to fully update the game. It also uses this connectivity for creating games since it doesn't know if you want to create a multi-player or single-player game and thus doesn't differentiate between the two until you've actually started the game. If you're alone in a game it will be run entirely on your own box with no network traffic.

It requires a unique game name but only until the game has been started. If you create a game but then don't start it (if you hit alt+f4 or if your OS crashes for instance) the unique name will linger in the system for 15 minutes before being auto-deleted. Thus it can never be fully used up, the worst that can happen is that you can't use a particular game name for 15 minutes.

If you're being booted out of the lobby as you try to start the game you haven't picked a House to play as (it's the four flags on the bottom of the screen). Five or more people could, theoretically, join the same game but only the 4 that has selected a House to play as would actually enter the game, the rest would be booted back to the main menu when the game starts.

This system is in place since I hope to be able to fund further development of the game which would include a spectator mode, the game would then not boot the extra players, they just wouldn't be able to actively participate beyond chatting.

Finally, allow me to apologize. Despite an extremely lengthy beta period I never even considered that the game creation interface could be problematic, thus I didn't include it in the video tutorial that's available from the main menu.

If it continues to create issues for people despite these comments I'll create a second tutorial video specifically for game creation. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Carnival73 Apr 26 2012, 2:58pm replied:

I started playing a game by myself yesterday but couldn't tell if there was a computer opponent or not - I'm taking it that there isn't an opponent and the whole game is about managing galaxy crisis (kind of like Fate of the World) - So any online players would not be opponents but rather cooperating with you?

Yup, nevermind - Just read the summary again.

The only problems thus far is new players might trip through the interface attempting to get a single player game going and sometimes games fail to load and the game has be completely exited back to desktop to refresh and attempt again.

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DigitalEvolution Apr 26 2012, 3:33pm replied:

Aye, there really should be a popup basically stating "Please select a House if you want to play by yourself" (or something to that effect) when attempting to start the game with no players having selected a House. Just unceremoniously booting the player back to the menu is counter-productive. I'll add it to the list for the next patch, many thanks for bringing it up mate.

I'm not sure what you're referring to with the game having to be completely exited though, that should never happen (whether or not you get booted back to the menu). If it's a reproducible problem then please do post the details in the support forum and I'll fix it for the next patch.

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