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A fully dynamic haunting-simulator. Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice. SEE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS BEFORE PURCHASING. Test out the beta to make sure the game will work on your computer.
Free Content Updates: New scenarios, locations, characters, gameplay mechanics, and more!
Sleep System: Switch to static cameras to watch the house as you sleep.
Creepy Sound Design: Headphone users rejoice!
Controller Support: Xbox 360 controller and Mouse & Keyboard support.
Dynamic Hauntings: No haunting is ever the same thanks to the complex action-reaction and randomization system I made.
First-Person Camera: Much like Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project, the view is that of the camera.
Intricate Ghost Story: Uncover the mystery through journal entries.
Graphics: Unreal Engine 3 makes Paranormal look amazing, implementing many of the latest graphical advances. Push your computer (and sanity) to the limits!

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SteamingBullet Aug 8 2012, 3:37am said:

Awesome! However showing the same scene (Screamer in kitchen) over and over, regardless if different people, doesn't make it seem like its different for every person. Just saying.

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Johnnieboy Aug 8 2012, 10:06am replied:

Im Johnnieboy, the Video designer. There was a lacking of good videos to use from youtubers. Sadly, the best scares from their videos was in the kitchen. However I hope many more will start LPing the new Beta 8, which has much more scares :3

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koyan-the-wanderer Sep 1 2012, 3:08pm replied:

I have 5 videos up on youtube, if you want to use them. Youtube.com

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Dunsmore64 Aug 20 2012, 3:28am said:

Im quite happy that PEWdePie got in GOOD FOR HIM
Id be funny if at one point it asked the qestion
"Will you go insane?"
Be a good point for the mr chair running gag he uses in ANY horror game hes ever played *its in part 2*
just saying.well thats the end of my random pewdiepie rant


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johnperales9 Sep 3 2012, 12:52am said:

can i get the download for mac so i can play. i already payed and i cant play!

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activate2010 Jul 16 2013, 3:09pm said:

Not sure if it's been asked before... but seeing there is a Mac version that would mean the Linux version is next?

EDIT: Just scrolled back to see it's UE3.. perhaps Mr. Gordon should help on that lol

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Created by Youtube.com
Warning: Loud ghost screams and even louder YouTuber screams.

Aug 7th, 2012
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