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Oniken is a 2D platform action indie game that make use of 8-bit graphic style. My friend Pedro Paiva and I are putting a great effort to guarantee that this game feels really like an 8 bit classic. Everything on Oniken, from the character design to the music, is a tribute to the 8-bit action games from the NES era. So if you like old-school games be prepared for Oniken and remember... Oniken is NES hard!

By purchasing Oniken, you will also get with no extra charging Oniken´s Manual and Original Sound Track composed by Thommaz Kauffmann, Bruno Araujo and N-Freq.

*** Mac and Linux version uses wrappers. They're not a port, however in almost every machine that we tested the game it runs without any problem. However if you had a problem please e-mail us!

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In a sea of game bundle sites, what's the big deal about one more? The approach of IndieBundle is a different. We focus on three things for both the developers and the players: incentive, value and consistency.

Posted by vidjahgames on Aug 31st, 2012

New Steam/Desura portal IndieBundle.org enters its Open Beta, where special deals, hot offers and great games are waiting for you! For the first 50 IndieDB users, enter the code "IndieDBRocks" and get a bonus 10% off!

In a sea of game bundle sites, what's the big deal about one more? The approach of IndieBundle is a different. We focus on three things for both the developers and the players: incentive, value and consistency.

With a set price for Desura games at $5 and Steam at $10 for a 3-game bundle, there are no gimmicks and no “fluff” games. You get a great deal on three games you will actually play. Bundles are organized and distilled so that each game in a bundle is unique in style but similar in genre.

You get a variety of bundles to choose from. We don't offer a Hodge-podge of whatever games we could find. We concisely combine awesome games to make exceptional bundles. It's up to you to choose your own pack with no worry about the several other games you could care less about.

The current games on IndieBundle:

The most important aspect is the fairness for game developers. They aren't giving away their hard work for pennies in return! Over 90% of the net sale goes directly to the developers of Steam games with 81% going to Desura developers.

Awesome games and awesome support for indies... what's not to love about IndieBundle?

Writers and Reviewers, if you would like a free review bundle and/or a promotional bundle (to give away to your crazy awesome readers), please contact Melanie at the following email: developers@indiebundle.org . Please include your name and review website.

IndieBundle.org will begin its Open Beta on August 31st, 2012. During this time all website features and bundles will be active. Our goal during this beta is to gain feedback, make improvements and address any concerns of players or developers. For questions or other support, please contact support@indiebundle.org.

onelio1001 Sep 1 2012, 10:22am said:

Freaking sweet though i didn't see any horror indie bundles :(

+2 votes     reply to
vidjahgames Sep 1 2012, 10:58am replied:

Game suggestions are welcome! What do you want to see?

Metal Dead has Zombies (not quite the same) and Shadows on the Vatican is pretty suspenseful.

+2 votes     reply to
Gamieon Sep 1 2012, 1:28pm replied:

I'd like to see a pinball bundle...but that's because I'm making a pinball game :)

+4 votes     reply to
vidjahgames Sep 1 2012, 1:33pm replied:

Link?? Many a pinball machine emptied my pockets of quarters.

+2 votes     reply to
BigD145 Sep 1 2012, 11:24am said:

I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "epic." Please stop abusing it.

0 votes     reply to
vidjahgames Sep 1 2012, 1:24pm replied:

In our little world it is "epic", but at least we aren't abusing the word "indie!"

+3 votes     reply to
PompiPompi Sep 2 2012, 2:11pm said:

Why not pay what you want?
And why $10 for 3 games? 90 percent from $4 is still very little, whatever percent you give the developer.
Sounds like another middle man platform.

+2 votes     reply to
onionman Sep 2 2012, 7:59pm replied:

As one of the developers, I can say Vidjahgames has been great to work with, and is giving us a very generous cut. He's handling a lot of the advertisement and marketing that we don't otherwise have access to. It's also a good deal for gamers too, just a nice price for 3 games that will always be there.

+2 votes     reply to
gnumbskull Sep 3 2012, 6:56pm said:

RACING BUNDLE!!!! right....right? Whos with me? .anyone there?

+3 votes     reply to
doppl3r Sep 4 2012, 7:05pm replied:


+2 votes     reply to
BlackRoxxx Dec 20 2012, 3:28pm said:

nice oO

+2 votes     reply to
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