Olvand is a little multiplayer sandbox RPG, where the players live in self-built towns and can go on all kinds of adventures together. Imagine living with your friends in a small town in the mountains, or creating a new group of friends in a pub in the metropole you all live in. There will be several mini-games the inhabitants of a server can play together, among which will be combat based games like King of the Hill or Capture the Flag. You will be able to play against other people in your city, or as a city against another city, or as a whole server against another server. The combat works with self-built guns, in which all kinds of powers can be combined to create unique effects.

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Last post, I asked for people who want to host a server. That went WAY better than expected: I've got eight volunteers by now! I love the Desura community <3.

Posted by Woseseltops on Sep 20th, 2012

Last post, I asked for people who want to host a server. That went WAY better than expected: I've got eight volunteers by now! I love the Desura community <3. At the moment, five people are what I call a server admin, and several of them have indeed managed to set up a working server. Woohoo! This marks a very special point in the development of Olvand for me. For the first time in my life, I played my own game with strangers! This is a screenshot I made of the first strangers ever logging in on my own server for testing purposes:

 It's an incredibly weird experience to see people move on your screen, while you know this is because someone is pushing buttons on the other side of the ocean: I was hosting from the Netherlands, Europe, while they were in the States. Even weirder is that this all works because I wrote the code that makes their computers send these messages. Here you see me, HeroxZ and Johnlier testing:

Surprisingly, the game turned out to be very stable. So far, there has been only one server crash that I know of, and only a few crashes per hour for the client. That's of course not even close to acceptible for a finished game, but for a test build that's actually a pretty good prestation; I've had testing sessions with friends that were much MUCH worse. I've released a patch since then which solved most of the problems (as far as I know), and I'm currently working on another one.

When can you play? At the moment I am waiting for two server admins to get back their computers so they can set up dedicated servers that can be online all the time (which is also a cool thing - I really enjoy logging into a server and discovering people have built a little town there), but once that's done I'll invite the first group of testers. If you're reading this and have asked to be a tester, there's a big chance you're in that group. Meanwhile, I'm making good use of this waiting to implement a few more features which will make the lifes of testers and servers admins easier. For instance, a crash log and server commands are very high on my to do list.

If you want more development, see [twitter] or [facebook].

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SaintKairu Sep 21 2012, 7:07pm said:

Woohoo! I'm excited!

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