Olvand is a little multiplayer sandbox RPG, where the players live in self-built towns and can go on all kinds of adventures together. Imagine living with your friends in a small town in the mountains, or creating a new group of friends in a pub in the metropole you all live in. There will be several mini-games the inhabitants of a server can play together, among which will be combat based games like King of the Hill or Capture the Flag. You will be able to play against other people in your city, or as a city against another city, or as a whole server against another server. The combat works with self-built guns, in which all kinds of powers can be combined to create unique effects.

Things that often go wrong (and how to fix them)
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Woseseltops Oct 2 2012, 1:24am Anchor

1. Can't start up the game / the game crashes after loading

You have old video card drivers. This even happens on brand-new machines. See, among other places, this Wikihow.com . The game also doesn't seem to work on Windows 8 out of the box, but one person got the game running by installing Java Runtime (which, strangely, is not used be the game).

2. Can't log in

Your password isn't the same as your Desura password. You'll need this page: www.olvand.com/create_account.phpIf this doesn't solve your problem, please post the crash log in the bug forum, and it will be solved as soon as possible. 

3. Can't connect to a server

The servers are run by fans and volunteers; I have no power over whether they are up or not. If a server doesn't work, simply try another one. If no server is online, you can of course also start your own server.

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lat12know Aug 18 2014, 11:23pm Anchor

I try to log in and it says failed to login and it also say "Cant find proxy name"

Woseseltops Aug 19 2014, 2:27am Anchor

Hi Lat12know, sorry to hear that. Could you please make a separate topic for this problem, and add some more information? For example (1) your username, (2) whether you can log into the website, (3) whether you have tried to change your password, etc. Thanks!

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