Stepping back to the days of simple easy to play RPG games. Not like todays sometimes highly complex systems. This game will have you hooked on how simple it is to play and give you the urge to just keep playing! The choice is yours, will you be a great and noble warrior? Or a evil money grubbing mercenary. These are all choices you can make. Purchase a house, fight monsters, complete quests, kill stuff, buy stuff, kill more stuff, level up, and fighting things is as simple as pressing one button.
The world of RPG is waiting for you.

RSS Feed Updates 8/19/12 - MAJOR ENGINE UPDATES

Hey everyone. I've been busy remaking the game in an updated engine and I'm trying to make a MAJOR decision. I need your help....

Posted by Maniakk on Aug 18th, 2012

Hey so if anyone was wondering I've been doing a MAJOR update on the game. I've been converting it to a new engine and redoing and adding the main functions. 
See the differences here:

Along with being much faster and stable some features are being added and changed.
I'm concentrating on trying to get a good battle system put together. Once that's done all I really need to do is finish the conversion and the game scripts and I'll release an update:)
If you have pre-ordered the game You will be automatically entered in the private beta. You will get continuous updates until the full game is released. I'm sorry that I must delay the game but I've been so busy -_- but in time the full game will be released to everyone :)

Remorr Aug 19 2012, 10:14am said:

Yeah, performance change is obvious. Is it new version of VX Ace or completely different engine?
And what do you need help with?

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Maniakk Aug 19 2012, 1:55pm said:

I'm converting it to vx ace. It's time consuming but as you can see. The difference in performance makes it completely worth it plus it's got some more features in it that I could use. And I was going to debate changing the battle system but I figured i'm much better off sticking with the Active battle System

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runehamster Aug 19 2012, 10:56pm said:

Oh, very nice change. I admit, I ran the game, saw the lagginess of the old version, and blew it off as an amateurish game engine. I'll be sure to give it another try when this new engine comes out.

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glyth Aug 28 2012, 4:30pm said:

i paid for rpgmaker vx game id expect a rpg maker vx version dude:/

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Maniakk Aug 28 2012, 11:57pm replied:

The engine is RPG VX ACE it's basically the same engine it just runs much faster and has a little more flexibility. I want to give you guys the best experience I possibly can with this game. I'm sorry if your still disappointed in this change :(

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glyth Aug 29 2012, 8:06pm said:

hmm great ace has so much anti cheat measures :/ i realy wish devs understand cheating is fun :/ and i dont think ul put a cheat in there for me huh:/

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