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Offspring Fling is a game about a poor forest creature that has misplaced all of her children. She'll have to fight her way through over 100 levels of action puzzle platforming to get them all back home. There's danger around every corner, but she wont rest until her family is safe again.

Review RSS Feed queenymidas says
8 queenymidas

Well-planned and intricate, this game is more than meets the eye and shouldn't be taken lightly even though it is all about sweet motherly love. Sometimes the music got on my nerves and sometimes the NES-style graphics looked fuzzy and blurry (even on the highest quality setting) but the puzzles themselves were smartly made. The story is cute if not a little repetitive and dry, but something just didn't feel right to me about throwing those adorable little babies and having them spontaneously combust in an uncharacteristically violent manner if they hit a surface they weren't supposed to. There's a great number of levels, but you could also easily complete the game in a day.

AsylumBoundGames says
10 AsylumBoundGames

Very cute, well thought out and put together game. As an old school gamer, I loved the style and NES/SNES parody sort of feel of it. The level difficulty has quite a range to it, so whether you are well seasoned in this sort of game or just trying it for the first time, this is the sort of game everyone can jump into and have fun with. Very clever with the hints in the level titles. Overall I would be very excited to see more games like this in the future.

foadiron says
7 foadiron

A sweet little puzzle-platformer that reminds me of a few old arcade games of yore. Interesting and cute for sure but I'm not sure about the longevity of a game where very little ever changes. Reckon I'll still go back to it one day though!

brainsync says
9 brainsync

Great game. I love the Artstyle especially the colors. The game has nice colors.

LiquidBlade says
8 LiquidBlade

The game is fun loving, cute and to some degree, exciting. The puzzles get better as they go along, however they never reached a point for me where I was flabbergasted on what to do next.

This however is different when/if players wish to go for the "Dev Time". At times these feel like utter cheats as I, the player wasn't even able to imitate the ghost dev when racing against him - e.g. Dev jumped over wall I wasn't able to.

Despite that, the 100 levels does give you plenty of options and although some more mechanics would have been nice, I think the ones which were given were used quite well. The 100th level is the only level where you "fight" something legitimately and while it was interesting, some more of it would have been nice (if you make the cut scene skippable).

All in all, Offspring Fling is a fun game for a couple of hours and a lot more if you wish to challenge yourself to the speed run "gold" and "dev" times.

little_caesar says
6 little_caesar

Pretty puzzle platformer with serious issues.


-Controls are bad for precise movement
-Music is repetetive and get's annoying

If you want to challenge yourself and try to beat the record times, go away. This game is suitable for those that seek an easy going puzzle "adventure" but it's definitely not "tight" enough for serious gamer. Buy The Adventures of Shuggy instead.

Jester07 says
10 Jester07

I like it

zelgaris says
10 zelgaris

It's simply one of the best puzzle platformers I've ever played.
Daigo, srsly? ^___^

Thordred says
5 Thordred

Feb 6th, 2015

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lokuas says
9 lokuas

Aug 7th, 2013

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